March 28, 2011

Ready or not

The Angels entered the off season a tad bit early last year and the Hot Stove Season was somewhat uneventful. When spring rolled around a number of questions were on the table and the answers are actually still being formulated as I post this.

Most real Angel fans know about all the questions and can even venture to provide some sort of an answer or at the very least, know what still needs to be decided. I’m not going to rehash any of that now; nor am I going to make any bold predictions or try to over analyze what the team will or won’t do. That’s generally not what this blog is all about.

Besides, predictions are basically worthless; something those who have been trying to predict the outcome of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament can attest to. Just saying.

For better or worse, the season starts Thursday and for me it just couldn’t get here soon enough. I’m looking forward and trying not to look back too much. I’m excited; how can any baseball fan not be? I love the unknown about what’s to come.

Face it; this season’s story will be written one day at a time; one game at a time and even one pitch at a time. Who and what will be this year’s biggest stories? What kind of historical moments will we witness? For me it’s all about the memories that we will experience; be it at the ball park or anywhere else.

As an Angel fan there are a few things I’m extremely excited about. I’m looking forward to the Angels’ 50th Anniversary Celebration and all the alumni that will come to the stadium to be remembered, honored and to participate in the celebration.

I’m excited to know we will have another season with Torii Hunter and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of impact Peter Bourjos will have. I’m curious to see what Mark Trumbo can do with any opportunity given to him; how Jered Weaver will lead a top notch pitching staff and how Mike Scioscia molds this team.

I know that I will rise to my feet and scream the first time Kendrys Morales goes yard. I will watch Erick Aybar with a skeptical eye wondering if he will return to his 2009 form and how Vernon Wells will mesh with his new teammates.

I’m looking forward to the baseball season simply unfolding before my eyes.

I wonder how many hotdogs I will devour. How many peanuts will I shell? How many times will high five the 514 Fanatics around me.

I am ready; I am ready for a season of highs and lows and hope the good times outweigh the bad. I’m ready for baseball. I’m ready for Angels baseball and it is my hope that we see a return to what has made this team competitive over the past ten years.

I want to see an offense that is relentless and puts pressure on the defense all game long. I want to see a pitching staff that goes after hitters, doesn’t back down and closes out games with authority.

I want revenge. I want to see my team pummel the Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, the A’s and the rest of the league. I want the Angels to baffle the experts and analysts and exceed expectations and projections once again.

I will admit that my emotions are all over the place. I’m confident and anxious at the same time. More than anything, I’m simply ready for the season to begin.

I hope along the way that this blog adds to your baseball experience in some small way. I hope to bring you unique stories, a different perspective and just plain old fashioned fun. Yes; fun. This blog has to be fun this season. Somehow, some way, we will have a good time talking Angels baseball; I promise you that.

Ready? Let’s get after it.

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