November 11, 2011

Grand slams and unbridled joy

Today's post has absolutely nothing to do with the Angels, but has everything to do with the baseball.

Please indulge me as I talk about my other baseball blog - The Baseball Docent.

I started The Baseball Docent a while back in hopes that it would be outlet for me to talk about baseball in general and not necessarily about the Angels. I knew going in that it was an ambitious idea because it's hard enough trying to keep up with one blog, let alone two.

My goal with the blog has really been to engage others - be it friends, colleagues, acquaintances, other bloggers, baseball fans, etc. to tell their stories. What kind of stories? Just about anything goes... but things like why you love baseball, a favorite baseball memory or just about anything fun, inspiring or even off the wall.

So why do I bring it up now?

Well, I re-launched Baseball Docent today and I'm going to ask that if you enjoy True Grich, that you also give The Baseball Docent a try. It's not a site that people regularly visit - so I'm trying to jump-start some traffic to it by inviting you (and hopefully your friends) to check it out.

So jump on over and let me know what you think. Today's entry is about grand slams and unbridled joy. Now, how can you resist that?

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