February 27, 2010

More notes from Tempe

I left out a few details from my earlier post this evening. I could either blame old age or the fact that so much happens; it’s easy to forget a detail or two.

In any case – Cheryl turned the tables on Mike Scioscia today, so to speak. As he was walking out to the practice fields, we said “good morning” and he turned and walked towards us as if he was ready for us to hand him something to sign. Without missing a beat, Cheryl looked at him and said, “We’ll catch you later.” It was funny because that’s a line the players usually give to the fans when they’re heading out to do their work and can’t stop to sign.

Cheryl was just saying that because we didn’t expect him to stop and sign and knew he was in route to run the players (and apparently himself) through the paces (see photos from earlier today).

We also delivered two unmarked packages to a couple players today. Don’t worry; the packages aren’t of the performance enhancement variety. Nope, they were the two photo albums and CD’s I mentioned last night.

Both Joe Saunders and Sean O’Sullivan were very appreciative. I think they’re always surprised when fans give them something instead of asking them for something.

O’Sullivan said that his wife (Sabrina) “would really enjoy it” when we mentioned that we met his wife last season at the Pet Adoption Day. The album (as I mentioned yesterday) was of O’Sullivan’s first major league start and it was up at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Funny story about that day – Cheryl and I along with our friend Wendy (another 514 Fanatic) were hanging out at the visiting player’s entrance when a taxi pulled up. Out of the car stepped two players that I didn’t recognize right off the bat. One guy (who looked pretty big) went to the trunk to take a bag out. I assumed this guy was a catcher (again based on his size). The bag was marked as belonging to O’Sullivan; as he grabbed the bag, I remember thinking “How nice, he’s carrying Sean O’Sullivan’s gear.” Turns out he was O’Sullivan and the other guy in the cab was Kevin Jepsen, who I thought might be O’Sullivan. What can I say? I thought Jepsen’s blond hair matched the Irish name O’Sullivan.

Cheryl yelled out to O’Sullivan “Go Angels” and O’Sullivan repeated it back to her with a smile. We felt kind of silly later when we learned that he was Sean O’Sullivan. Doh!

And in case you’re wondering, we didn’t share that story with O’Sullivan today.

Saunders was also very appreciative. We talked with him about how we thought his starting on Opening Day last year was pretty special (the album and CD had photos from that start). He admitted it was a big deal for him too.

One more follow up to yesterday's blog. Turns out Mike Napoli wears #44 because "that's the number he was given." I guess I'm surprised he didn't have more say in the number he would wear.

Well, another day in Tempe comes to a close. A new chapter unfolds tomorrow.

Below are a couple more videos that I hope you enjoy. I went the Mike Wallace route again and asked deep, probing questions. You probably aren’t falling for that again, right?

First up is pitcher Trevor Reckling, who some consider to be the top Angels prospect. .

Given Reckling's response to my first question, I have to wonder if he's a Yankee fan. After all, he was born in New Jersey. Hmmm.

Next up is Kevin Jepsen.

Well, who knew that?

I have some more videos to upload at a later date; so stay tuned.

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