February 24, 2010

Rocky Balboa would love this team

I love Rocky movies. Yup; I’m that guy. I enjoyed all six of them. Sure some were better than others, but I’m glad I saw them all. I’m the kind of guy who can’t get enough of stories about under-dogs and people or teams that overcome the odds to come out on top. If Sylvester Stallone is still making Rocky movies when he’s 80, I’ll check them out. Like I said, I’m that guy.

You could say I get attached to characters and stories. I can watch the good ones over and over again. It doesn’t matter if I know the outcome, I’ll still watch. Movies like “Remember the Titans” get me every time. I can be channel surfing and if I stumble on this classic, I’ll stop and watch it again. I’ll quote my favorite lines (you’re killing me Petey!) and still get choked up during certain parts of the film.

It’s like that with baseball too. Come opening day, I’ll be all-in with this Angels baseball team. I’ll want this team to win. Not the team I imagined we would have or the team I hoped we would have. I will be all about this squad; the team that’s in Tempe right now and the one that will start the season on April 5, 2010.

I won’t long for a player on another team or a free agent we didn’t get. Nope. Come game day, I’ll be focused on the team on the field. The past will be a distant memory. So long Figgy. Bye, bye Lackey. Adios Vlady. Hello Joel, Hideki and Fernando. Welcome to the family; now let’s get it on.

Following a baseball team is all about the journey. Following the Angels can be all consuming. I’ll live and die with every play on the field. The joy of winning probably won’t last as long as the pain of losing, but I’m counting on the winning to come much more frequently.

There will be moments when I will want to skip to the end to see how it all turns out, but given the choice, I really wouldn’t want to miss a single moment. When it’s the bottom of the 9th and the Angels are down a couple runs with two outs and the bases loaded, my eyes will be wide open. I won’t turn away because it will be time to embrace the experience.

When James Earl Jones’ character in movie "Field of Dreams" said, “they will come;” he wasn’t kidding. We are ready for some baseball and opening day can’t get here soon enough.

This will be my team for better or worse. If Robb Quinlan wins a job, he’ll also win my support. He’ll be one of us and I’ll pull as hard for him as I would for Kendry Morales. If Brian Fuentes blows a save, I’ll burry my head in my hands, but then I will hope he comes back the next day to do a better job. Even if some fans call for his head, I’ll cheer for him to get another chance. I will want that in the worst way because I want to see a guy get up after being knocked down; dust himself off and come back for more. Remember, I love Rocky movies.

To tell you the truth the season is actually more enjoyable when a team overcomes a little adversity. Cakewalks are boring. You start to take the winning for granted and then you become too complacent. I want that eye of the Tiger. I want to be engaged in a season and have a reason to watch. I want some swagger. I want to watch the Angels look the competition in the eyes, not blink and push on.

I want to see how they handle the best shots from the competition. I want to see them playing hard and never giving up. I want tenacity and determination. I want to be inspired.

I want Brandon Wood to silence the skeptics once and for all. I want Howie Kendrick to fulfill his potential and for Torii Hunter to remind me why I love watching him play the game so much. I want to feel like I did after game 7 of the 2002 World Series.

I want memories and tears of joy. I want victory.

It’s only February, but I’m feeling it. The season is drawing near; she’s stretching her legs in the Arizona sun. Opening day is coming and I’m ready.

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  1. " The joy of winning probably won’t last as long as the pain of losing"

    Spoken like a true Angels fan!

  2. Seriously, this blog is awesome.