March 9, 2010

Angels are red. Dodgers are blue. Whatever.

From time to time I have made a snarky comment or two about the Dodgers and their fans. That shouldn’t be misconstrued into some sort of belief that I hate the Dodgers or their fans in any way because I really don’t.

My disdain is reserved for the Oakland A’s. It’s a rivalry thing.

So, what about this Angels/Dodgers deal? Well, if you live in the Los Angeles/Orange County/Inland Empire area, chances are you’re living among one of the two. Not that they’re the only fans in the area, but they’re certainly the most prevalent.

It’s not uncommon for Angel and Dodger fans to live next to one another or even in the same household. I’d like to think that the two sides get along pretty well (for the most part).

Over the years a lot has been made of this supposed rivalry between the two and I’m certain that on some level there is a rivalry of sorts. After all, it’s only natural.

As for myself, I really don’t get caught up in that too much. Sure, I have a little fun with some co-workers who are Dodger fans, but that’s about it. Some of them even read this blog (at least those that can actually read). The others will look at the pictures and watch the videos.

I’m kidding, of course. Besides, most of them don’t even know how turn on a computer, let alone find this blog. Again, I’m just having fun.

You see, I can’t get too worked up over the Blue Crew. For one thing up until recently they hadn't been very relevant. I mean they haven’t won a World Series since Mike Scioscia was their catcher and even Scioscia will tell you that was a long time ago.

Then again, the Dodgers have actually stuck it to the Angels pretty good in recent years. They seemed to have caught lightning in a bottle a couple times with good performances out of the likes of Steve Finley and Jeff Weaver, both of whom came to the Angels after leaving the Dodgers to stink up our place pretty good.

Those types of things hurt a little bit, but I'm not bitter.

Seems like the Angels have a history of signing ex-Dodgers past their prime. There was Don Sutton, Tommy John and Fernando Valenzuela among others. Even Raul Mondesi made an ill fated attempt at playing in Anaheim. Going further back there was Bill Singer, who actually won 20 games one year for the Angels before going into the tank. I’m sure I’m forgetting other notables.

Yeah, I’m sure Dodger fans got a few good laughs from some of those moves, but again - I'm not bitter.

Now if you want to talk about coaches, that’s another story. The Angels have benefited a great deal from having ex-Dodgers on their staff. It all starts with Mike Scioscia (of course), but includes Ron Roenicke, Alfredo Griffin and Mickey Hatcher.

By the way, I believe Tommy Lasorda is a closet Angel fan. I’ve seen him sitting in the Diamond Club at Angel games from time to time. Rumor has it that his blood isn’t really blue; it’s red. I’m just saying.

The Dodgers have some good things going for them. There’s Vin Scully for one. He’s easily the best in the business at what he does. There’s also… um, well… that Vin Scully is great, isn’t’ he?

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that those of you who read this blog understand that I’m not a Dodger hater. In fact, when Mike Piazza was a Dodger, he was easily one of my favorites. I really loved to watch him swing the bat. As for his defense... meh, not so much.

I also always admired Reggie Smith, who is easily my favorite Dodger of all time and I consider the Kirk Gibson homerun in 1988 as one of the greatest moments in sports history. Even my wife Cheryl has a favorite Dodger and that would be Dusty "Homerun" Baker (her nickname for him).

There, you see? I can be quite civil when talking about the boys in blue; in fact I can be downright complimentary. Hopefully, word won’t get out about this post; otherwise, some of my Angel brothers and sisters might disown me.

Twenty seven days until opening day. A little bit longer than that before the Dodgers are out of it for the year. Go Diamondbacks! Hey, I’m just saying.

BallHype: hype it up!

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