March 12, 2010

One thing the Angels don't do well

The Angels do a lot of things well; maybe too well. Every year they sell quite a few season tickets. There have been seasons when they’ve maxed out at 30,000 and I believe they’ve sold as many as 26,000 in the last couple years. Clearly, they don’t really have a need to advertise as a result of this built in fan base.

It’s a shame – because some of the best commercials I’ve seen are baseball commercials. That's not to say the Angels never run ads on T.V. - it's just that, well, they're never as good as those you are about to see.

Here’s a few for your enjoyment.

First up, Todd Helton receives a lesson on “Twitter”

Next up is a great one with Eric Young, Sr. and Junior.

Found this old one of Torii Hunter when he was with the Twins:

Another good from the Twins in 2009:

This one is a couple years old, but it’s still pretty funny:

A creative one with Yadier Molina.

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