June 23, 2010

Light it up

Last night Cheryl and I made our way back to Angels Stadium for the first game of the three game Freeway Series against the Dodgers.

It was nice to be back, but where were all the 514 Fanatics? Only a handful of the faithful were on hand and our section was over run with Dodger fans. Not the ideal way to return to the stadium, if you ask me.

In any case – when the Dodgers went up 3-0 early I overheard a Dodger fan telling his wife/girlfriend that “it’s over.” I had to chuckle; although the way Clayton Kershaw was pitching at the time, the same thought might have entered my mind for just a split second only to be followed up with the thought of him eating his words later on.

In the sixth inning, things got interesting. Brandon Wood walked. Howie Kendrick singled and Wood moved to second base. Up came Kevin Frandsen who hit a fly ball to the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp in center field. As the play unfolded, I expected Wood to tag up and move to third, but he never went. The throw to third was off line and Wood would have easily made it which prompted me to wonder what’s going on? This wasn’t Angels baseball. Where’s the aggressive base running? What happened to putting pressure on the defense?

Well as I was questioning the base running of Wood and the Angels, Bobby Abreu stepped up and delivered a three run homerun – making the previous play moot. I have to tell you, I like three run homeruns. Sure beats the heck out of scratching out runs one hit at a time.

In the 7th inning Juan Rivera led off with a double and moved to third on a balk by Kershaw only to get picked off by Russell Martin. Needless to say I wasn’t too happy and thought there went the Angels chance to go ahead. The angst was compounded when Mike Napoli struck out.

Then it happened. Good old fashioned Angels baseball happened. Jeff Mathis and Brandon Wood had back to back singles. That’s right – Brandon Wood! Mathis went first to third on Wood’s single. Now we’re talking.

The Dodgers changed pitchers and Howie Kendrick greeted Ronald Belisario with a run scoring single that also advanced Wood to third base. The Angels were cooking.

Up steps Frandsen. Now, I have to tell you – even though Frandsen has been hitting pretty well since being called up, I have yet to embrace him because his fielding is so horrible (he made his 4th error last night). In any case – Frandsen doubles on a line drive to left field where none other than our old friend Garret Anderson was playing.

Funny thing about Anderson – during the radio broadcast Jose Mota made a comment about how no one has played left field better than GA in all the years he’s been watching the Angels play ball. Well, Mota must have jinxed GA because Frandsen’s double escaped GA for an error and Frandsen ended up on third base. Two runs scored and the Angels were up 6-3.

Now it was time for me to crow a bit and as we were high fiving with Angel fans in our section, I yelled out, “It’s over!” I love it when things work that way.

It wasn’t long after that inning that the Dodger fans behind us left the stadium. True Blue indeed. I’m just saying.

I was wearing my “Light it up” Angels shirt last night and it proved to be an appropriate choice. Can’t wait for more action this evening.

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