July 10, 2010


Oh yeah! You know, I have been waiting for this day ever since I started writing this blog; the day I could tell Bobby Grich that he's my all-time favorite Angel (I tell him this every time I see him) and that even my blog is named after him. Well, that day was yesterday at the All-Star Game FanFest in Anaheim.

I have much to say and show you (photos) about the FenFest, but I was too tired last night and don't have much time this morning. That being said, I just had to post about the one and only Bobby Grich. I mean come on; have you seen the name of this blog?

Cheryl and I waited in a long line to see Bobby. When we finally made our way to the front of the line, I told Bobby as I had every other time I had met him that he was indeed my all-time favorite Angel. He said, "I really appreciate that" as Cheryl snapped a photo. When I told him about my blog and handed him a business card with the web address, he said, "Wow, you really are a fan."

Grich proceeded to ask Cheryl and I where we were from and when we told him Long Beach, he said, "I grew up there." Cheryl then told Bobby about all the times she had run into him in the Belmont Shore area and Bobby said, "Well, it's nice to see you again."

Cheryl used to see him cruising around Belmont Shore/Naples riding his bike with his daughter in a little seat on the back and then again at area restaurants. Grich seemed sincerely pleased to be running into two big fans at FanFest.

So Bobby, if by chance you've taken the time to is read this, I have to say it was great to see you again and I hope you enjoy the blog! Yesterday was not our first meeting and I hope it's not our last.

More on FanFest later...

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  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2010

    Great blog! I'm glad you had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Grich yesterday as I did as well. Being a well composed person in front of celebraties, I was star strucked when Mr. Grich took off his ring and let me wear it. I really only asked to see it, so that I could take a picture of it, but instead, he took it off and was so nice to let me have it in my hands for close to a minute while my friend and I took pictures with it. Seeing him sign autographs for children after the signing was over was even more amazing! He took his time after his session to say hi to those that didnt get the priviledge of being in line to meet him. Cant wait to hear more from your adventures at Fan Fest 2010.-Laura

  2. I used to see Bobby cruise the Belmont Shore peninsula on his bicycle in the early 1980's. A damn handsom man, my friends nicknamed him "Bayshore" Bobby Grich from that summer forward.