July 13, 2010

Quick Notes from the All-Star Festivities

Thank goodness for the All-Star break. If I didn't have this to focus on right now, I'd be focused on the way the Angels have limped to the mid-way point of the season. That will all be in focus once the mid-summer classic is done, but in the mean time I wanted to post some quick notes about all the festivities.

It has been a blast. The FanFest, the Futures Game, the Celebrity/Legends softball game, and the HomeRun Derby have all been awesome. I will take some time over the next week or so to organize my thoughts about the whole experience, so please stay tuned.

We're off to one last round at FanFest, the Red Carpet Parade and the All-Star game itself. We have definitely taken advantage of every single aspect of this special occasion. We've stood in long lines, snapped hundreds and hundres of photos, shot some video and just soaked it all in.

Along the way we've met some great baseball fans, seen some crazy things, read funny shirts and so much more. Again - I will recap it all in the coming days.

So... until later, it's time to "Play Ball!" Look for us on TV, we'll be wearing red, don't you know.

BallHype: hype it up!

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