April 24, 2011

Let's just turn the page

I can't remember four more miserable days in a regular season than what Cheryl and I saw from last Thursday through today. We've seen losing streaks before, but losing four in a row to the Boston Red Sox is just a brutal thing to watch and we watched all four games at the stadium.

Losing to the Red Sox is bad enough, but when you add on the fact that Angels Stadium was over-run with Red Sox fans it makes it that much worse. We've been to Fenway Park in Boston and the fans there are nothing like the fans that show up in Anaheim. A lot of the fans that show up here are all kinds of obnoxious and give Red Sox fans every where a bad name.

A lot of Angel fans stay away from the ball park when the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers come to town because they don’t want to deal with their fans. Personally, these are the kind of games that I would hate to miss and I wish more Angel fans showed up at the park. It’s embarrassing to see our house in such a state.

It is what it is. Whatever, I guess.

The games were hard to watch and to be honest with you; I’d rather not get into it on this blog. I’m not much in the ranting mood today. Let’s just say that “turning the page” as Mike Scioscia loves to say, sounds like the right thing to do. I mean we even lost to John Lackey...

I think I’d much rather look forward.

Speaking of that, the Angels announced the names of the bands that will be playing after five selected Saturdays this summer. I will admit, I hadn’t heard of most of them, but the one group I am familiar with – is the one that is the least “main stream.” They’re a contemporary Christian band called Mercyme and they will be playing in a post-game concert on August 20, 2011.

Even though I’m very excited that the band will be in Anaheim, I do find it kind of funny that their lead singer – Bart Millard is actually a huge Rangers fan. Oh well, no one is perfect.

Mercyme is a wonderful group and since today is Easter, I thought I’d share one of their songs with you.

Happy Easter!


  1. Great post and great song.

    Just a few questions for you:

    Do you believe that it is mere coincidence that Hunter and Wells are both in slumps at the same time? From my research, they cross paths and share ideas a lot.

    Mathis and Conger are comparable in Catcher's ERA, so why is Scioscia not going with the more effective offensive player Conger?

  2. Trying to understand why Scioscia has preferred Mathis is one of the great mysteries of the world.

    As for Hunter and Wells... I have no idea.

  3. Sorry for the late comment to this post, I was actually off the raod for Easter spending it with family. MercyMe is one of my favorite groups, I can also overlook Bart's devotion to the Rangers.
    Hopefully, the Angels can give the Red Sox the same treatment inb their house that they gave us in ours. I know Weaver does NOT get a shot at them this series(maybe post-season) but I'm sure Haren and Chatwood would LOVE another crack at those dudes.
    Speaking of the catching situation, hpw surprised were you to see Conger with Haren Wednesday? Mathis had caught ALL of Haren's games since he came over from AZ . Maybe Mike just wanted another left-handed bat in the lineup, but whatever the reason, I applaud him for putting the team first. I think Haren & Conger will eventually get used to each other.