May 3, 2011

Just make it stop

Every now and then I will walk on to my train for a ride to work or ride home and something vulgar will hit me in the face that’s so strong it can make my eyes water; the smell of an individual who hasn’t showered in some time.

This morning was one of those moments. I couldn’t get out of the area fast enough. There’s nothing worse than being trapped in a situation that you can’t get out of. All you want to do is escape or just make it stop.

Last night was like that. I got home yesterday just in time to see the Red Sox put up six runs in the bottom of the 7th. I didn’t know whether to scream, cry or put my foot through the television. I just wanted the beating to end.

Losing is bad enough; losing to the Red Sox is worse; and having them pound the daylights out of the Angels pitching is about as bad as it gets for an Angels fan. The Yankees may have been Pedro Martinez’s daddy; however, the Red Sox have simply owned the Angels the last two years.

It’s a horrible feeling. It’s depressing, discouraging and painful. More than anything it’s utterly frustrating. The Angels are 1-14 against the Red Sox over the last two years. They’ve been totally dominated and that’s just not a good feeling at all. It’s like watching a Chihuahua trying to outrun a greyhound.

I don’t know about you, but with every fist pump, high five and tribal-like scream the Red Sox players make after a run scored or a base hit, my distaste for all things Bostonian just grows by leaps and bounds. I used to say, we’ll get them next time – but that thought seems kind of empty right about now.

Beating the Red Sox in the 2009 ALDS was gratifying and it helped alleviate a lot of pain caused from past failures, but this latest streak of losing has almost wiped all the satisfaction that brought completely away. Losing all these games isn’t the end of the world, but it sort of feels like it.

It’s like getting knocked down and then having someone stand over you saying, “Don’t get up.” You can’t help but get up again and when you do, you find yourself back on the ground with the same person standing over you again. After a while you find yourself unable to get up no matter how much you want to.

This is the part of being a fan that’s just tough to handle some times. You can’t stand to watch the carnage and yet you can’t stand to not watch just in case something good happens.

So what’s the point of this post? I guess I just needed to vent a bit; to voice my utter frustration with the team’s inability to beat the Red Sox lately.

I know this streak of bad luck isn’t going to last forever; but dang if it doesn’t feel like it.


  1. What I hate the most is the lack of push-back, or fight in this team against Boston...

    They will need Kendrys to beat Boston.

  2. I did like that the Angels kept fighting and it was awesome that Vernon got one over that monster. That one miscalled strike to Veritech made Jered mad, and seemed to make Boston even more braver. Of course it didn't help that Rodriquez seemed scared of the Boston hitters and wasn't aggressive going after them. I'm still hopeful that we can get this series as Boston is NOT all that great. As it is now, Boston May NOT even make the postseason. Go Halos!!