September 26, 2011

The day after

It’s over. I’d love to be wrong, but I’m afraid I’m not. Yes, the Angels could win the next three games and the Red Sox could lose their last three and the two teams could end up in a tie for the Wild Card, but let’s be realistic; that’s not going to happen. Add in the fact that Tampa Bay is also in the hunt and it really looks impossible.

Yesterday’s loss wasn’t the kind of “epic” finish I was hoping for. It was a colossal disappointment to say the least. I think the best word I saw to describe what happened was simply “stunning.” I’m sure that most fans felt like I did as they left the stadium yesterday –numb. I’m sure some probably felt angry or frustrated as well, but I have to believe the overwhelming majority of fans simply felt like the wind had been knocked out of them.

Like most fans, a million or more thoughts have gone through my mind in the last day. A lot of “what if’s” and would, could, should a’s as well. We all know what the issues are and assigning blame and ranting about it probably isn’t going to do a lot of good. Sure, it might be therapeutic to some degree, but I’m not up for such a task right now.

My thoughts are more about guys like Torii Hunter, who is running out of time to get that World Series Championship he wants so badly. I’m thinking about what Jordan Walden must be going through. He started the year hoping to just have a role and found himself in the closer role and then being somewhat of a scapegoat for the team’s failure in the biggest loss of the season. I know players are conditioned to “turn the page” – but yesterday’s game has to stick with him a bit.

I keep thinking about the long road ahead for guys like Vernon Wells, who probably wish Spring Training was next week; so that he could get to the business of becoming his old self again. I wonder where Mike Trout will start the 2012 season and if Bobby Abreu is too old and simply not good enough to be an everyday player any more. I wonder if we will ever see Kendrys Morales in a game again and wish I would get some news about his rehab.

I can’t stop wondering what Mike Napoli is thinking and how a smile must come over his face when he think about the season he’s had with his new team. I grimace at the thought of Ian Kinsler gloating.

I question the abilities of Tony Reagins and whether or not he’s the right man to get this team back on track. I continue to believe that Mike Scioscia is the best manager in baseball and I actually marvel at the job he did this season, given the lack of offense his team produced.

I’m not angry in the least. Monumentally disappointed? You bet. I know that some folks will talk about how this team exceeded most expectations, but that doesn’t mean much to me.

Somehow, we all have to move forward; fans, players, coaches, front office folks, etc. I have no idea what direction the team will take this off season and even though I’m capable of making some of my own suggestions and/or predictions, I just can’t muster enough energy to tackle that right now.

At the end of the day this team just didn’t get the job done. I have mixed emotions about it all – but most of all I’m simply disappointed and just plain sad. Every year since 2002 has shown us all just how hard it is to get to the top. Most of us assumed 2002 was only the beginning and that the Angels would become some sort of a dynasty. Luck hasn’t been kind to the Angels since 2002 and unfortunately, I think luck is an important element in any championship run.

I really believed the Angels had a great shot at winning it all in 2005, 2008 and 2009. Each ended in total disappointment. Even though this team didn’t look particularly great on paper – it had its chances; it really did. It just didn’t happen.

All I know right now is that I don’t ever want to get used to this.


  1. Scioscia deserves to be called out for failing to play yesterday's game like the one-game-playoff it really was. He let victory slip through his fingers. Even if Takahashi had blown the save, it was obvious that Walden wasn't getting it done and deserved the hook.

  2. Does anyone remember 2001? This team will be back in 2012!!!