August 19, 2014

An open letter to Josh Hamilton

I want to get something off my chest.

I’m just a fan who will never know what it means to be a professional athlete or a world champion, but if I had the chance to talk to a struggling player – namely Josh Hamilton, here is what I would say…

Josh – you were born to play baseball.  God blessed you with incredible talent and as you know - To whom much is given, much is required (Luke: 12:48).  It’s time for you to embrace your gifts and go out and dominate.  No excuses, no fear.  Just get it done.

I know you’re human.  I know you have good days and bad, but I expect more from you than what you’ve shown us so far.  You have the ability; God given ability to play baseball at the highest levels.  I know it, you know it; we all know it. 

It’s time Josh.  Your team needs you to step up now; today.  Not tomorrow, not next week and certainly not next year – right now Josh.  We’re pulling for you.

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