September 13, 2016

You know you're done when...

I can’t remember wanting a baseball season to end more than this one.  I’m kind of ashamed that I feel this way, but it’s true.  It’s been pure drudgery to watch the Angels this year – even with Mike Trout doing Mike Trout things.  I’m sorry, but I have all but checked out and I wish the season would just end.

I know I’ve checked out when I don’t know who’s scheduled to pitch on any given day.  I know I’m done when I don’t know the name on the back of the uniform and I don’t bother to find out who they are.  I’ve stopped looking at the standings and I only occasionally even look at the box scores. 

I have hated the season early and often.  I have hated the fact the Angels threw good money at the likes of C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton without any ROI.  I hated knowing that the Angels went into the season with question marks in LF, 2B and in the rotation and bullpen.  It aggravates me to think this was the best team they could actually field.

It also makes me anxious to think the Angels are wasting the years they have Mike Trout. It actually makes me a little sick to my stomach.  I could do a whole week of blog posts just on this, but it would probably kill me in the process to think it that much.

I miss baseball.  Not the way I miss baseball when its winter and there isn’t any baseball being played.  I miss Angles baseball that is relevant and meaningful.  I hate waiting for the season to be over because in an ideal world, I never want baseball season to be over.

I’d like to think things will be better next year, but I really don’t know if they will.  This isn’t fun and baseball is supposed to be fun.  It’s supposed to be a nice distraction at its worst and an obsession at its best.  It’s neither of those things now.  It’s this annoying thing that is taking place on a nightly basis and leaves me agitated, grumpy and even worse – somewhat apathetic.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t stopped going to games, but I know for certain I’ve gone to far fewer than in recent years.  And when I do go, I’m not even excited to go. 

It’s sad to think this could be Jered Weaver’s last year.  I hate the idea that his career could end on such a bad team in such a meaningless season. 

I’m tired of the “let’s get rid of Mike Scioscia” talk.  I don’t have any desire to tune into Angels talk or read any message boards because in my case – misery does NOT love company.  I don’t want to gripe and moan my way through the season and I certainly don’t want to hear to read about how horrible things are from fans.  I’d rather just ignore it at this point.

Then again, by posting this blog – I guess I’m adding to the pile.  Sorry.  I’ll stop now.

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