September 28, 2009

Cue the band... Kool & the Gang - The Celebration is on!

I find it most appropriate that on Monday night the Angels went head to head with the team that's been on their tail for much of the season - the Texas Rangers (who actually lead the west early on).

You see, the Rangers did a bit of trash talking back in May when they swept the Angels.

From the LA Times:

Texas had completed a three-game sweep of the Angels on May 18 to take a 4 1/2 -game division lead, and in a clip that was replayed numerous times on ESPN, Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler, as he high-fived teammates, could be seen mouthing the words, "Get the (bleep) off our field!"

"We noticed that, for sure, but nothing needed to be said," Angels pitcher John Lackey said. "We try to fly flags; we don't talk. Let them do that. We win games."

Game on!

Well, it's time to hang another Western Division Championship banner in Anaheim. As the Angels dominated the Rangers 11-0 Monday night to clinch their third division title in a row. It was beautiful. It was even poetic, as Ian Kinsler made the final out.

Then the celebration began...

In a season that has had the tragedy of Nick Adenhart's death at its core, it was great to see some joy on the field.

After all the team has been through, winning the west was awesome. For the fifth time in six years the Angels out classed the rest of the field. Is this fun or what?

I know the Red Sox loom big on the horizon. That's okay because we are not afraid. It's time to show some True Grich. Challenges are a blessing. Let's welcome the drama and embrace the intensity. This is what baseball is all about.

Regardless of the outcome, this season will be memorable and I thank God Cheryl and I are able to share in the experience together.

Let's do this. Can I get a BOB-BAY!?


  1. Great Blog James - I might become an Angels fan ... no conflict of interest with the American League and we share a hatred that goes deep for the A's... looking forward to reading more! - Kristina

  2. Hey James! Did anyone tell you that Cheryl was on T.V. on Monday night after the game when the Angels were on the field celebrating? Andy pointed her out. She was busy cheering them on. Christy

  3. Christy,

    Yes! A couple people told us and when we went home that night, I taped the replay. We now have it on tape! It was a blast being there!