September 27, 2009

There's no business like shoe business

It's a good thing I don't believe in jinxes. Otherwise, I might think the debut of this blog had something to do with the Angels losing the first two games of their series with the hated A's. My wife Cheryl even asked me if my blog would some how jinx the Angels chances.

Again, I don't believe in jinxes (Cheryl doesn't really either). Never mind that the Angels lost in two of the worst ways possible; getting shut out on Friday night and then blowing a seven run lead on Saturday. Never mind that the Angels just lost four games in a row for the first time all season. It ain't the blog's fault.

It's all about the shoes. Yeah, that's right - it's those stinkin' white shoes the A's wear. When Brad Ziegler came into the game yesterday, I got a glare headache. Those shoes were ""Ross glow-in-the-dark teeth white AND... they were HUGE. I mean, I know Trevor Bell is related to Bozo the clown, but Ziegler has Bozo's feet. Cheryl asked me if he was wearing ski's. The Angels had no chance of yet another comeback looking at those things. I think Ziegler wore a path in the outfield grass on his way to the mound from the bull pen. The ground's crew had to work over time to repair the damage after the game. Fellow 514 Fanatics Ann and Linda know what I'm talking about.

The way I see it, the white shoes must impair the vision of any opponent playing them - especially at night, at least last night and Friday night. I think they should be banned from baseball. Those stinkin' A's always find a way to ruin my day.

Okay, so the Angels aren't going to clinch the AL West this weekend. Not to worry because I am not afraid. After all, Bobby Grich wouldn't be afraid. In fact, I guarantee the Angels will win today! How's that for looking at a jinx straight in the eye and spittin' in its face?

Joe Saunders takes the mound today and Joe just happens to be Cheryl's and my favorite pitcher. Joe won't let us down.

You see we have a little history with Joe. When Joe made his major league debut, we followed him around (from the stands, of course), taking pictures of him warming up on the field and in the bull pen. We took pictures of him during the game, capturing his strike out totals, stats on the scoreboard, etc.

The following spring training, Cheryl and I presented him with a little album from his first game. Joe was touched - he seemed sincerely surprised anyone would do this and he was very appreciative. Through that we've created a little bond. A good ol' fashioned player/fan bond. He knows us enough to recognize us whenever he sees us and we think that's fun.

A couple Saturday's ago we met his wife Shanel who was a part of the pet-adoption event held at the stadium. When we introduced ourselves, she said "you're the couple that made Joe that album!" Again, pretty fun.

Where am I going with all this?

Cheryl and I believe in Joe. Who's the guy who beat probable 2009 Cy Young award winner - Zack Greinke 1-0, while throwing his first complete game shut out? That's right - it was Joe. He's going to get the job done today. The Angels need a win today and Joe is going to deliver one. Guaranteed.

We don't need a rabbit's foot. We don't need a four leaf clover. We have Joe.

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