December 16, 2009

Jeff "The Pot" Miller calls the kettle, black

Jeff Miller thinks some of us are "idiots." His column is addressed to Angel fans who believe that John Lackey is a "traitor" for going to Boston. Miller wrote "Calling Lackey a traitor is juvenile and comical..."

That’s really funny when you think about it. He’s calling Angel fans names and yet, we’re the ones who are juvenile? What’s really comical is his inability to relate to what Angels fans are going through.

Miller also wrote that Angel fans believe "Lackey is now a miserable you-know-what because he took more money to pitch for a franchise that has been more successful playing in a community that is more passionate."

I wonder if Miller has ever been to Boston. I wonder if he saw the Johnny Damon t-shirts being worn by Red Sox fans after Damon went to the Yankees that read “Looks like Jesus, acts like Judas and throws like Mary.” I wonder if he thinks they were being juvenile as well?

Miller might not be an idiot, but he appears to be very ignorant.

Here’s a newsflash for Miller. If Angel fans weren’t passionate, they wouldn’t give a rip about Lackey going to Boston. Angel fans are upset because they care. Do you think Red Sox fans act any differently?

Miller also claims that "loyalty in pro sports died about the time kids stopped putting baseball cards in their bicycle spokes." I guess Miller didn’t hear that Randy Wolf made it known he would have taken less money than what he signed for in Milwaukee to stay with the Dodgers. I guess he also didn’t know that Tim Salmon took less money to stay with the Angels for his whole career.

Miller also asks the question "How come no one is whining about the Angels' lack of loyalty to Vladimir Guerrero?" Miller must not get out much because I’ve met plenty of people who would love to see Guerrero finish his career in Anaheim. And just for the record, having an opinion and being passionate does not equate to "whining."

Miller goes on to say about the Guerrero situation, "scarcely has been a bitter word uttered. Why? Because wherever Guerrero goes he won't have the impact Lackey will have. Guerrero, in other words, has been mostly wrung dry."

Well Jeff, if Guerrero ends up in Boston I’m sure you’ll see more "idiots" complaining about that too. But let me clue you in on something… Guerrero came to the Angels from another organization. Lackey was drafted and developed by the Angels organization. He will always be "one of us." Lackey also helped bring us a World Series Championship; you better believe many Angel fans have a deeper affection for Lackey than they do Guerrero.

Miller goes on to ask why the Angels aren’t part of creative deals like the one Seattle, Toronto and Philadelphia just pulled off. He goes on to call the Angels front office “ham-handed and reluctant” to do deals “in part because of how they hoard their prospects. The people running this team believe in themselves to a fault.”

I’d like Miller to tell me when the last time Seattle won a title or when the last time Toronto made the play-offs? It’s funny, only the ignorant judge a front office by the moves they make in the off season or at the trade deadline and not by the number of times they get their team to the post season. Miller doesn’t understand the big picture and like others of his mindset, judges moves individually rather than collectively.

Perhaps Miller wrote this column to simply get a reaction from Angel fans; which would be quite juvenile, but not surprising.

Maybe we’ll all get lucky and Miller will get lured away to another publication in a different market for more money. Then again, I must really be an idiot to think that’s even remotely possible.

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  1. Very well said. I was in the stadium giving Lackey a standing ovation as he walked off the field against the Red Sox in game 1 this year. So yeah, it hurts a little when he heads right over to Boston.

  2. Matsui to the angels. Vladdy basically on the way out!!!

  3. I don't blame him for taking the highest bid.
    I loved Big John being on the Halos over the years and all he did for us to be a winning team. Saying that when he comes to the "House of the Halos" I will boo him loud and let him know what a lackey he is for selling out the team that gave him a chance to be in the big league. This is just part of being a diehard Angels Baseball fan.