January 21, 2011

"Let's do this"

Vernon Wells has made his first public statement... well, he tweeted the following today "To my new home...LA! Winning is all that matters!! Let's do this!!"

The deal is still soaking in for me. The Angels are sending a fan favorite in Mike Napoli and a tub of goo, I call Juan Rivera to Toronto in exchange for Wells.

Pundits are blasting the deal and I couldn't be happier. The way I see it, the talking heads of baseball are often wrong and when this many of them are so sure the Angels did something horrible, it just makes me smile.

I'm smiling because I won't have to watch Juan Rivera resemble a penguin in quick sand while trying to catch routine fly balls. I'm smiling because Vernon Wells just might bring a little swagger back to Anaheim.

I'm smiling because I am putting my rose colored glasses back on and looking at this addition as a step in the right direction. I know some people have issues with his contract, but right here, right now - I'm only focusing on the fact that the Angels just got a little bit better offensively and defensively.

I've been ranting and complaining all off season and I'm ready to do a little cheering. No pundit is going to rob me of my joy right now.

Winning is all the matters. Vernon Wells said it and I'm going to keep on repeating it. Let's do this Mr. Wells. Let's do this.


  1. I love your optimism. And it's a fair point that this move isn't going to make them noticeably worse, if at all -- Napoli never got to play anyway, and Wells is better than Rivera. It's terrible for them from a financial standpoint, but hey, if they think they can spend the money, why not?

  2. I’m pretty happy with the trade too, all things considered. I’m sad to see Napoli go but it’s not like they were going to play him much anyway and I like the significant upgrade from Juan Rivera. I am glad you shared Wells’ tweets. I’m not on twitter yet and it’s really nice to read that he’s really excited to be coming to Anaheim instead of just looking at it as just a business decision. I’ve always put a lot of stock in players’ attitudes and Wells’ winning one scores major points with me.
    - Kristen

  3. horrible trade from a financial standpoint. We must have one of the worst GM's in baseball. And then the Jays trade Napoli to Texas. Way to go Arte & Tony!