January 26, 2011

Welcome to Anaheim Mr. Wells!

When I said I was all in on Vernon Wells, I meant it. I also knew that being “all in” also meant that I had to get to the press conference at the stadium today and I did exactly that.

I have to tell you, this is the kind of stuff I love to blog about because when it comes right down to it, I’m a fan first and I love writing about this stuff from the fan’s perspective.

It was a gorgeous day and it felt good to be at the stadium. It felt good to be around baseball players, Angel fans and baseball people in general. It just energizes me in a big way. Spring is here and we all know what’s coming… spring training, baby.

Today, the Angels ‘royalty” was out in force; Bobby Grich, Chuck Finley and Clyde Wright were on hand to welcome Vernon Wells to the Angels family. Also on hand for the festivities was none other than Torii Hunter. Hunter flew in just to be there for his new teammate. Who does that? Torii Hunter does that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s my favorite player and I love having him on my favorite team.

Hunter was joined by all the usual suspects - Arte Moreno, Tony Reagins, Mike Scioscia, etc., etc. Victor Rojas was the MC and the media was out in force.

The funny thing is the media missed the scoop of the day.

While they were all focused on Wells, the biggest news of the day came in a True Grich exclusive. That’s right – I’ve got the inside information you’re not going to get any where else, in true; True Grich style.

Let me ask you - are you ready for a new look in center field?

No, I’m not talking about Vernon Wells and I’m not talking about a Torii Hunter return there either. I’m talking about a brand new “look.”

Let’s go to the video for details…

That was vintage Torii. I came to see Wells, but what happened always happens when Hunter is in the house. Hunter always finds a way to steal the show. He’s just a great personality and he loves mixing it up with the fans. You can’t help but feel better about the Angels whenever you spend time with Mr. Hunter.

And let's not forget, that if by chance Peter Bourjos shows up with a shaved head, you'll have this blog and Torii Hunter to to thank or blame, depending on your point of view.

Back to the reason for the press conference…

What can I say? Vernon Wells said all the right things. All the Angels brass said the right things. It was one big love fest. The OC Register covered the press conference in grand style and has a ton of material for you to read on their site.

Some interesting take a ways... Vernon Wells said this is the healthiest he’s been going into an off season in quite some time. He’s ready to play any position in the outfield to help the team win. He genuinely seems glad to be in Anaheim and called this place “paradise.” He talked about his appreciation for Angels’ organization and his friend Torii Hunter. He acknowledged the contract… you know that thing everyone seems to be focused on. He talked about giving back and talked about joining forces with Hunter both on and off the field.

He also talked about winning and doing the things that need to get the Angels back to the post season. He was looking forward to not going home in October.

Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it’s because spring is in the air. Regardless, I loved hearing everything he had to say and I want to believe he’s going to help this team in a big way. Like I keep saying, I’m a fan first and today was a good day to be a fan.

In some other interesting news - Tony Reagins let the folks know that the Angels may not be done with their roster and more moves could take place in the next three weeks.

Three weeks… that’s about all the time that’s left in this off – season before pitchers and Molinas report. Just saying.


  1. Awesome post. Can't wait for Spring. Hoping Hunter and Wells will inspire our younger players to have fun and play some great ball this year.

  2. Your site is like drinking a nice cold beer. Good to see there are still sites out there where its OK to be an Angels fan and be excited about the season!! I hope this site lasts forever!

  3. Big Game Hunter at his finest

  4. did vernon sign any autographs for the fans after?

  5. I didn't stick around long enough to see if he did. He was going from one interview to another during the time I was at the press conf.

  6. My favorite Vernon Wells story.


    He had his ups and downs as a player, but he will be missed as a person.

  7. That's a veru funny story. Thanks for sharing!

  8. No problem. You seem to be the only one -- outside of Toronto -- who liked this trade so I thought I'd give you a fuller picture of the kind of person he is. Got to meet him a few times over his career here, and he really is a great guy (just saddled with a bad contract).

    Also, in case anyone forgot: