November 24, 2009

Tis the season

Tis the season for optimism…

According to Nick Cafardo of , 41 year old Gary Sheffield is ready to make a comeback and would be willing to DH. Nice of Gary to be so "willing" isn’t it? He’s quoted in the article as saying "I’ve never worked so hard in the offseason as I have this one. I’m 100 percent dedicated to my training." Excuse me while I yawn. Isnt' that what they always say when they get to this point in their careers?

Jerry Crasnik of ESPN reports Dallas McPherson is supposedly 100% healthy (according to his agent, a reliable source I’m sure) and has been invited to compete for the starting job at third base for the Oakland A’s. Does 100% "healthy" really mean he’s just eating better? I'm just asking. In any case, some Fantasy Baseball "managers" are licking their chops and making notes on their draft sheets as we speak.

"Everyday" Eddie Guardado wants to pitch in 2010. Per he feels strong after knee rehabilitation program. Of course you do Eddie. Guardado is 39. He is also a lefty. Translation: He will have a job until his arm falls off or he turns 65, which ever comes first.

While were at it... let’s send Spring Training invites out to Steve Finley, Luis Gonzalez and anyone else who might be working out this off season.

Other news, thoughts, ramblings

Apparently, not everyone is optimistic this time of yea... The Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti made it clear today that any speculation about the Dodgers sending Chad Billingsley to Toronto for Roy Halladay is nothing more than speculation per the LA Times blog. Huh? If it was speculation to begin with - did we really expect it to be anything more than tha later on?

Speaking of Roy Halladay, Mike DiGiovanna reports that the Angels are back in the hunt for Roy Halladay. Really? Does this mean Lackey is as good as gone? I hate this...

Giovanna writes - Lackey, who sat out the first six weeks of the 2008 and 2009 seasons because of arm injuries, is believed to be seeking a contract comparable to the five-year, $82.5-million deal A.J. Burnett signed with the New York Yankees last winter. Some team executives believe Halladay, who is a year older than Lackey, could be signed to a similar deal.

If the contracts are going to be similar – why not just keep the guy who came up through the Angels system? That way the Angels don’t have to part with any other talent. I’m not a rocket scientist, but that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, right?

And if you really want to make a trade – go get Josh Johnson of the Florida Marlins. He’s only 25 and is looking for a four year deal - which the Marlins have decided not to give him. Seriously, Josh Johnson is an ace and again, he’s only 25. Last year was his first full year in the bigs and he posted an impressive 3.23 ERA. He also struck out 191 batters in 209 innings. His career ERA is 3.40. Did I mention that he’s only 25?

Speaking of trades... this talk about the Angels interest in Curtis Granderson is making me nauseous. Granderson is a nice player (an all-star even), but he can't hit lefties to save his life. Granted the Angels could use a left handed bat in their lineup and I know Scioscia loves a good platoon, but please just say no to Granderson. I have a feeling he's going to cost the Angels too many good prospects and their system really needs the depth. I think the Angels would be better off saving any prospects for a better deal down the road. Unless, I'm wrong about the cost, I'll bet this doesn't come close to getting done.

The LA Times reported today that Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc will not be back with the Angels in 2010. For the record, firing the Wonder Dog just stinks. Rory Markas and Mark Gubicza will handle the TV coverage and Terry Smith and Jose Mota will be on the radio. I really liked the teaming of Rory and Terry and will miss that combo. I am not looking forward to Jose Mota on the radio, at all. The Angels "brand" just got a little weaker in my eyes.

Last, but not least - John Sickels has a blog and he has ranked the top Angels prospects. It’s definitely worth investigating.

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  1. James, I love your site. It's always fun to come across another Angel fan in the blogging world. I look forward to following your writing.