January 13, 2010

All good things must come to an end

Okay, so who was the last player to sign with the Mets as a free agent and have a good season? Good question, right? Well, now that Bengie Molina is on the verge of signing with the Mets, he’s probably going to basically tank as a ball player. I mean, come on – isn’t this the team players go to, to cash in and then fade away? Yeah so, maybe I’m exaggerating a little...

I don’t always comment on players on other teams (unless I just despise them), but I can’t resist this one and besides, Molina is an ex-Angel.

Face it, Molina has been playing with “house money” for a while now. He’s gotten more mileage out of that big body of his than anyone would have ever imagined. He’s been a leg injury or a pulled hammy just waiting to happen, but he’s stayed pretty healthy.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Bengie Molina when he was on the Angels. He’s easily my favorite Angels catcher of all-time, but when the Angels let Bengie walk after the 2005 season, teams weren’t exactly pounding down his door to sign him. There were rumors that the Mets were interested prior to the 2006 season, but some how, some way Bengie had to settle for a one-year deal with Toronto. I thought then that the writing was on the wall, but he’s managed to do just fine the last four years.

For the last three years, he’s made a living in San Francisco, serving as their clean up hitter for part of the time. Now, Bengie has always been a pretty good clutch hitter, but a clean up guy? Who saw that coming? He defies logic. Like I said, Molina has been living on borrowed time and the team that’s about to pay for it is the Mets.

Time is about to catch up with Molina and the Mets’ have the track record to prove it. I know that’s a little harsh, but I don’t think I’m too far off (without actually looking up specific players). I mean, I sometimes wonder if teams back off a player when they hear the Mets are interested because it's some sort of sign that the player is going to basically suck. I mean we all thought the SI cover was a jinx, but it doesn't have anything on a Mets player contract.

Even if the Mets weren’t as dimwitted as they’ve been portrayed, the idea that a 35 year old catcher is going to keep going strong is doubtful.

Molina has been kind of incredible when you think about it. How does a guy fail to get as few as 20 walks in a season, despite having 497, 530, and 520 AB’s in the last three years? If Bengie has to keep hitting his way on base, he’s eventually going to stop getting on base, right? And when you’re coming off a season when your OBP is just .285 – the margin for error is small.

I’m looking at Bengie’s big body and thinking he could use a break once in a while and strolling down to first base after being walked might prolong those legs of his.

Word is Bengie wanted to stay in San Francisco – I’m guessing that's because he might have found someone who runs the bases slower than he does in Pablo Sandoval. Then again, Sandoval is a pretty good athelete for a big guy. In any case, I guess he won’t have to worry too much about being in the spotlight in New York because the best thing about his going there is that there are so many under achievers on that team that he might not stand out that much.

I wish Molina the best, but I have a feeling his career is about to take a dive. I wouldn’t necessarily think that if Molina was signing elsewhere, but we’re talking the Mets, who may be worse than the U.S. Government at spending and wasting money. I’m just saying... The Mets are a nightmare; no wonder NY is the city that never sleeps - it's way too scary to shut your eyes.

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