January 11, 2010

Blog Update 1-10-2010

Just a quick head’s up to let you know that True Grich Blog posts may be a little sporadic this week. My apologies.

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Quick update: By now you’ve probably heard that Aroldis Chapman has signed a six year, $30.25 million deal with the Cincinnati Reds. I guess that “will sign any day now” rumor was legitimate after all; however, the word that the Blue Jays and Angels were frontrunners, might not have been.

It’s nice to see a small market team like the Reds taking a risk, albeit a pretty good one on Chapman as opposed to someone like the Yankees, Red Sox or Mets for a change. That has to give Reds’ fans a little hope and something to look forward to. Good for them and I hope Chapman helps that organization down the road.

To the Reds’ credit, they out bit teams by being creative. Per mlb.traderumors the Reds’ contract will be spread out over ten years and not have a big impact on their 2010 payroll.

I still wish the Angels had signed Chapman, but at least he didn’t sign with someone else in the AL West or in the AL at all for that matter.

The best news of the day is that we are a day closer to pitchers and catchers reporting.

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  1. James. Glad to see Garret Anderson was recognized as the Best Angel Player of the past decade in your poll. Sorry to see Chapman was not picked up by the Halos, someone you might consider is free agent Vicente Padillia..... Just try to relax James....