January 5, 2010

Rory Markas passes away

The Angels lost another family member. Tragic news is coming out that Rory Markas has passed away at the age of 54. It is being discussed on AM 830 this morning and I'm guessing it will be an on-going discussion all day long.

The horrible news is shocking.

Rory coined the phrase "Just another Halo victory" and was a highly regarded broadcaster and has been described by many as a "fine human being.

More on this blog later.


  1. My heart goes out to Rory's family and close friends. This is a loss for the Angels and the entire Angel's community - but must be incredibly so for those who were closest to Rory!

    I find the shocking timing of his death ironic on two fronts:

    1. It comes just a day after your in depth post regarding sport-talk.
    2. It comes weeks after the "changing of the guard" within the Angels broadcast team. I wonder if this will undo any of those changes; if someone new will be added to the team; or if they will just change the format.

    With all of that - I will miss listening to Rory. He was a big part of my Angels experience - and will be missed!!!


  2. As well my heart goes out to Rory's family and friends for the loss of this kind and wonderful man. He will be sorely missed for all of us radioheads that loved to listen to his intensity as he called the game for us over the years.