January 30, 2010

It's never too early for baseball

Jered Weaver (Angels), Cesar Ramos (Padres), and Marco Estrada (Nationals) were among the Dirtbag alumni who returned to Blair Field today to participate in the Long Beach State Baseball team’s intra squad game.

Weaver started the game by facing three batters without allowing a hit and striking out the first man he faced. It was a brief outing for Weaver, who is one of 34 alumni who have made their way to the major leagues; a list that includes Evan Longoria (Rays), Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies), Jason Giambi (Rockies), Jason Vargas (Mariners), Bobby Crosby (Pirates) and others. Weaver was followed by Ramos, Estrada, Brett Lorin (Pirates), and Nick Vincent (Padres), who each pitched an inning.

I didn’t actually stick around for the whole game and other alumni were present; although it was hard to tell who was who. All in all, it was a nice day to be out at a ball park and Blair Field is a great little baseball stadium.

I’m a proud Long Beach State alumnus and love the tradition behind the Long Beach State Dirtbags.

What is a Dirtbag? Per the Long Beach State 49er baseball site: The unofficial nickname of Long Beach State 49er baseball team refers to the program’s style of play and success against higher profile programs. The moniker was first coined for Coach Snow’s first team in 1989 which was comprised of nearly all new players. Playing without a home field (LBCC, Cerritos JC and Blair Field), and practicing at a local all-dirt Pony Field, that team won its first 18 games and advanced to the 49ers first College World Series appearance. Then-infield coach Dave Malpass would take his infielders to the all-dirt field for their rigorous workout. The infielders would return to the regular practice field after their sessions covered in dirt. Thus the name “Dirtbags” was born. The name resurfaced again in 1993 when the 12-12 49ers rallied to win 34 of their next 41 games and finish three outs short of the National Championship game. The “Dirtbags” were once again a fan favorite at the 1998 College World Series as the country received a lesson in “Dirtbag” baseball.

For more information about Long Beach State baseball, visit their web site.

Pictured below are Cesar Ramos (upper left), Marco Estrada (upper right), Brett Lorin (lower left) and Nick Vincent (lower right)

More pictures of Jered Weaver:

The Dirtbags open their season at home on February 19 at 6:30 p.m. against the Pepperdine Waves at Blair Field; where incidently, Bobby Grich is a member of the Blair Field Hall of Fame.

Videos from today:

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Very cool James. I'm sorry I did't make it to the Titans alumni game today. The Dirtbags are our favorite team to beat in the Big West! Maybe we can make it to a Titans Vs. 49ers game this year.

  2. The Dirtbags are picked to finish 4th this year in the Big West. So... as long as we're not betting on the game, going to one is a possibility.

    They were showing videos yesterday... they were called 49 seconds with... whoever. One was with Evan Longoria who ended his spot with "Go Dirtbags, beat the Titans." Gotta love it.