April 12, 2013

First time, last time

Last night was the first time Mike Trout did not lead off since he was called up from the minors to jump start the Angels in 2012.  I hope it’s the last.  The way I see it; the Angels didn’t get in gear last season until he joined the lineup.  If this team is going to start winning; it’s clear to me – Mike Trout has to start playing like… well, Mike Trout.  No pressure, kid.  It’s becoming somewhat obvious that as Trout goes, so goes the Angels.  They need him at the top of the lineup creating all kinds of havoc.  He hasn’t started doing that just yet, but once he does – the team should respond accordingly.

You know the Angels are struggling when Mike Scioscia starts tinkering with the lineup.  Some seasons that’s a daily occurrence and nothing makes Angel fans crazier.  Look, I understand the team needs a spark, but putting Alberto Callaspo (the under-appreciated Callaspo, at that) isn’t the answer.  Trout needs to lead off every game.  Just to make sure, let’s not stop there.  Trout should probably be the first one on the bus, the first one in the locker room every day, the first one to sleep every night, the first to wake up every day, etc., etc.   It can’t hurt, right?

Angel fans are restless. This is what happens when expectations are high.  The Angels set the expectations and now it’s time for them to live up to it.

I don’t want to hit the panic button; I really, really don’t; however, nine games in and my fingers are twitching.  To make matters worse, the “fire Mike Scioscia” chatter is making me crazy.  The whining and complaining among Angel fans is almost worse than the losing.  I understand where it’s coming from, but it gets really old; really fast.

And then there are the Dodger fans who make sarcastic comments about the Angels and/or those that try to throw a little pity our way.  Nine games have never felt so long.

One thing is for sure; the combination of the Angels losing games and the fans going off the deep end about it all is more than I can tolerate.  Something has to give and I’m not about to stop going to games or watching away games on the tube.

So… everyone take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Repeat.  Repeat again.  

Feel better?  

Yeah, I didn’t think so…

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