August 31, 2011

It's time

The audition is over. It’s time to hand Mike Trout a leading role on the Angels baseball team. It’s time to sit back, relax and…. Check that. It’s time to sit on the edge of our seats and watch the accolades and awards roll in. Mike Trout has “box office” written all over him. This is the kind of player people pay to see play.

This is not Dallas McPherson. This is not Brandon Wood. This is our Ryan Braun; our Josh Hamilton. Believe the hype; Mike Trout is crazy good. He is built like a bull and runs like a cheetah.

It’s time to play him every day. You can’t hold back greatness. Sitting him would be akin to asking Daniel Day Lewis to only do T.V. commercials for Purina puppy chow. Sitting him would be a crime. It wouldn’t be fair to him. It wouldn’t be fair to the team and it certainly wouldn’t be fair to us fans. We want this. We need this.

We understand there may be risks involved in playing a 20 year old in pennant race, but we will take our chances. We believe Trout is up for it. Let it happen.

Please Mike Scioscia; for the love of baseball – do not continue to platoon Mike Trout. Just play him. I’m sorry Bobby Abreu and Vernon Wells, but you should now be reduced to some sort of a platoon role; unless Wells continues to hit well. In that case, Bobby… you’re going to have to sit. This isn’t personal – it’s baseball.

Scioscia has a history of platooning young players. He did it with Casey Kotchman and he’s doing it again with Hank Conger. Lately, he’s doing it with Mike Trout. This has to stop and it has to stop today.

Baseball writers, bloggers, message board scribes, and the like are all stating the obvious. It’s time. Don’t mess this up. Everyone knows it’s time – analysts, players (past and present), coaches; everyone…. Even my cat knows it and you don’t want to mess with my cat.

Now some of you are going to remain skeptical. You think you’re the voice of reason and you’re cautioning everyone to not get too excited. Well, truth be known – you’re basically a party-pooper.

Mike Trout isn’t a science experiment. This isn’t about medical research with life or death implications. This is about baseball and baseball is supposed to be fun. So if you’re holding yourself back and worse yet – trying to hold others back; I invite you to lose yourself in the sea of Mike Trout hysteria; let the phenomena wash over you like a giant wave and embrace the moment.

Players like Mike Trout don’t come around every day. Join the chorus of fans who are chanting “Play Mike Trout” and have fun.

After all; with all due respect to that crazy radio commercial that touts the same phrase, but this is the biggest no-brainer in the history of man-kind.

Last night, we got a glimpse into baseball’s crystal ball. We have seen the future and the future is Trout. More importantly, the future is now. Trout went from knocking on the front door to the major leagues, to driving a truck through it.

I’m not taking anything away from our other young players like Peter Bourjos, Mark Trumbo and Conger. No sir, they’re all going to play huge roles in this pennant race and beyond – but every ensemble has to have a star and Trout has that written all over him. Bourjos and Trumbo are definitely game changers; but Mike Trout is a season and franchise changer. Let him play.

I’m usually very conservative when it comes to young players. I’m usually willing to wait on their talent and not be among those fans that are in a hurry to see what a young player can do. Trout isn’t your average prospect. He’s regarded as the best prospect in baseball by many.

It’s time. This season hangs in the balance and the best players on the team need to be in the lineup every day. No one can tell me Mike Trout isn’t among the best players on this team.

It’s simply time.

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