August 19, 2011

Thank you Mark Trumbo

Thank you Mark Trumbo; last night you lifted the spirits of thousands of Angel fans everywhere. You gave us a reason to cheer and more importantly – believe. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I need that; we all needed that walk off homerun you delivered in grand style.

Its go time folks. Six games out 37 games left to play.

And don’t look now, but the Angels are tapping into their farm system for help. Hank Conger was called up yesterday and Mike Trout will be called up today. Perhaps these two highly touted prospects can deliver some offensive punch to a team that needs a huge shot in the arm (the Angels have the lowest batting average since the all-star break).

The story continues to unfold folks and the final chapter has yet to be written. Perhaps the Angels will be lead by their youth in Trout, Conger, Trumbo, and Peter Bourjos. I’m ready for it. I absolutely love this young core of players. I love the way they play the game, the way they go about their business and I love the potential they bring to the table.

I look forward to watching all four of these guys in Angels red for years to come, but I really want to say a few things about Mark Trumbo.

I don’t care what Keith Law of ESPN says, Mark Trumbo should be this year’s American League Rookie of the Year, period. Law doesn’t like Trumbo for ROY. Of he doesn't; Trumbo isn’t a sabermetric superstar, but his contributions to a team in the midst of a pennant race are without question – epic. I’m guessing Trumbo doesn’t get on base enough and strikes out too much for Law’s taste. Whatever. Count me among the growing number of Mark Trumbo fans.

I like Trumbo for everything he does do. He plays hard. He hits the ball out of the park.

My wife Cheryl thinks he’s got a Darin Erstad grittiness about him and I agree. You see sabermetric types hate words like "gritty," but fans like us love players who play the game the right way. You can’t measure or project grit (that will get a the sabermetric types rolling their eyes in a hurry). Baseball is more than statistics. It's about the characters that play the game and Trumbo has a quality about him that fans just love. Deal with it.

Maybe last night will end up being the turning point in this race for the Angels. It was definitely memorable and something I won’t forget and I don’t think the 41,123 in attendance will forget it either. And speaking of the attendance – the fans have been absolutely great and I tip my cap to those of you who have shown up and rallied behind this team. There’s definitely been a positive energy in the stadium and every time the Angels look like they might do something great – the fans have been right there being as loud as ever.

When Trumbo homered last night – the wave of energy that went through the stadium was awesome. That’s what it’s all about folks. Get in the game. Be there for the next great chapter.

Follow Up:

Tim Mead answers the questions by way of Bill Plunkett and the OC Register about changes to season ticket policies.

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