August 17, 2011

Greatness doesn't quit

If I let myself go, I could rant from now until the end of the year; pausing just long enough for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’d probably then start ranting again all the way till spring training when my mind would suddenly go blank and my eyes would get big and I’d start to feel optimistic again.

Tempting as that all might sound, I’m not going to do that. Yeah, I know you’re mad as can be and so is your brother, your sister, your mom, your dad, your cousin and even your dog, cat and goldfish. It’s been an ugly couple of days; real ugly. Maybe you came to this blog today hoping to see a little venom from yours truly.

I see the panic and anger everywhere. I see the frustration and I feel you; I really do. I know the natural reaction to the way the Angels have rolled over of late is to rant, scream and let off a ton of steam.

Sorry to disappoint you. I’m not going to do that. Yes, part of me wants to. I really hate what I’m seeing on the field, but let me point to something Mike Scioscia said following last night’s game.

Scioscia said""A week ago we were looking right up at these guys. We were within striking distance, but we've had a rough six or seven games that carried over from that trip into this series. But it can turn in a heartbeat. And that's what we have to keep our focus on -- how we play the game."

Did you catch that?

“But it can turn in a heartbeat.” That’s the thing. He’s right. You know he’s right. Maybe it doesn’t seem plausible in any way what-so-ever, but it doesn’t change the fact – that it is actually possible.

That’s what I have and that’s what I’m clinging to right now. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to throw in the towel the moment something looks impossible. Yes, I’m frustrated and mad as all get out, but deep down, I want to believe in this team. I want to cling to hope. Sure, I might be disappointed in the end; it’s not like that hasn’t happened before, but I’m not ready to start whining and complaining. That’s no way to spend the final days of summer.

Look, I know things don’t look great right now and every time Jeff Mathis comes to bat I want to scream; however, if the Angels win the next two games and pull back to within four and then gain a little ground over the weekend and early next week against Baltimore and then Chicago – they’ll be right back in this thing. They’ll be facing Texas again the weekend of August 24 and who knows; they just might surprise us.

It’s like I said yesterday – ignore the statistics and just be in the moment. Be an eight year old and just go to the game and be excited that you’re at a game instead of sitting on your couch. Don’t give up just yet; it’s much more fun to realize winning is still possible. The Angels can’t play much worse and something has to give.

We’ve got Ervin Santana tonight and Jered Weaver tomorrow. Both are worth the price of admission to watch and then some. This team still has a chance. Call me a homer, tell me I’m wearing rose colored glasses; its okay, it doesn’t matter.

I’m not ready to give up on a season; there’s absolutely no fun in that what-so-ever. I’m invested. I have tickets. I don’t want to stop watching and I want the games to be meaningful.

I’m nervous. I’m anxious. I’m angry. I have questions about the personnel. I have issues with some of the decisions this organization has made over the past couple seasons, but I’m not giving up. That’s the easy way out.

It can all change in a heartbeat. I know it. You know it. Mike Scioscia knows it. Wait for it. Believe it. Watch it happen. Nothing great happens when people give up. Think about it.

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