August 4, 2011

A time to sparkle

In the movie “Fever Pitch” starring Drew Barrymore (as Lindsey) and Jimmy Fallon (as Ben); Ben introduces Lindsey to the folks who sit in his section at Fenway Park. Lindsey soaks it all in and says… “Wow, you have quite a group here.” Ben replies “Well, it’s my summer family.” In many ways that sums up Cheryl and my relationship with the folks we sit with in our section at Angel games.

Over the years we’ve met up with some of them at spring training (sometimes planned and sometimes not). We’ve met for dinner outside of the stadium (enjoying something other than a hot dog every now and then). And of course, watching baseball games is made to be a much richer experience when our “family” joins us for a game.

While all the 514 Fanatics are special to us, we’ve become particularly attached to one specific family who sits in front of us anywhere from 10-20+ games a year. It’s a relationship that is dear to us and one that was formed as a direct result of being Angels’ season ticket holders.

We’ve not only gone to dinner with this family and met them at spring training; we’ve also celebrated milestone birthdays and vacationed with them in Yosemite.

Even though we have different backgrounds and even different faiths; we have come to be a part of each other's lives in a way that goes beyond just being fellow Angel fans. Let’s just say that getting to know them is one of the best things to ever come from being season ticket holders. They’re just incredible, loving, giving and friendly folk.

I mention them today because all too often circumstance has a way of making sure we realize there is more to life than just baseball.

The mother of this incredible family (Lauren) is battling breast cancer. Hers is a journey that has just begun and though there are many days ahead; there is a legitimate hope for a great outcome.

It is a journey that I’m sure the family will tackle and triumph over together; after all they're quite the team. It is also an experience Lauren plans to share with anyone who has an interest via her journal/blog.

You can follow Lauren’s blog HERE.

The family invites you to not only follow along, but to become engaged by contributing your own messages as well. I’m told reading the messages and entries on her blog is one of Lauren’s favorite things to do. This is your chance to sparkle folks; so break out your rally monkeys and please lend your support.

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