August 15, 2011

Calling all you Angels

This is a big week. The Angels who trail the Texas Rangers by four games host those same Rangers for a four game series starting tonight. To say it’s a life or death situation would be a huge over-statement because no one is going to die as a result of this contest, but it does have an impact on the destiny of two baseball clubs looking to make the post season.

My hope is that this week will be an inspiring one for Angels fans of all ages. We all know that baseball is just a game and yet these games mean something to each of us in different ways. We want to be a part of something that’s special and uplifting and baseball has the ability to provide that opportunity.

Never mind our not having any control over the outcome. Never mind whatever else is going on in our lives; for the next four nights Angel fans young and old will be watching something that has the potential to be epic.

A story is about to be written and the details will unfold before our very eyes. This is what being a baseball fan is all about. It’s us versus them. For most of the last decade the Angels had the upper hand and held a position other teams wanted. Today the tables have turned and it’s Texas that has what we want – the lead in the American League West.

These games are special in that every baseball fans want to see their teams playing meaningful games in August and beyond. Who will be the hero? Who will be the goat? Our emotions are up for grabs and the anticipation of a four game series of this magnitude is enough is enough to put any fan on edge.

As I anticipate the games on tap, I feel both excited and nervous. I’m happy to see these games and yet I’m a little cranky that my team hasn’t played well enough to put themselves in a position to make these games even more meaningful than they are right now. Just a week ago they only trailed the Rangers by a game and as they enter tonight’s contest, they trail by four.

So much can go right or wrong in the next four days and it’s enough to make just about any baseball fan a little crazy.

There are still question marks about the offense and holes in the bull pen and to add to our angst, the Rangers appear to be playing well.

It doesn't matter. It's time to look forward.

Where do you line up this week? Do you feel like covering your eyes because you’re afraid to watch or are you amped up and ready to go all-in as a fan and arrive at the stadium ready to give it your all? Will you sit with your arms crossed and eyes narrowed or will you be on the edge of your seat with your voices loud and your fist clinched; ready to explode with enthusiasm?

I will be very disappointed if we don’t have really big, loud crowds; dressed in red and ready to rock the stadium.

It’s time Angel fans. It’s time for you to get off your couch. It’s time for you to get in your car and make your way to the stadium. This is your chance to be a part of something fun; yes, fun. Embrace the series and be a part of something exciting. It doesn’t matter that it’s Monday. You owe this to yourself and to your team.

Forget the past. Don’t focus on the statistics and all that has gone wrong. Just show up and be ready to see something great. Be open to just having fun at a baseball game. Do you realize how many other baseball fans in other cities would love to be in this situation? Don’t let this opportunity go by without being a part of it.

We may win or we may not – but we can’t be a part of the experience unless we show up. Let’s be loud and proud bet on greatness and not be afraid of the outcome.

I’m calling all you Angels. Let’s do this. Who’s with me?

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  1. My fiance and I will be there Wednesday and Thursday, nervous but hopeful. It's definitely going to be interesting!