August 12, 2010

Off day fodder

If you were at the Angels/Rangers game on July 30 you might remember seeing a boy participating in the Angels “Steal 3rd” promotion that night. You’d remember it vividly because as he started to run, he fell and then got up to continue running with his arm dangling by his side. It was painful to watch; in fact, the Angels’ trainer came out of the dugout to take the boy off the field.

Many of us have wondered what happened to the kid. Sam Miller of the Orange County Register is trying to follow up. He’s also posted this video of the incident on their Angels Blog site.

As disturbing as that video is, here’s another disturbing picture (from Reuters)...

Yes, that’s Francisco Rodriguez, also known as Frankie or K-Rod being escorted by New York’s finest. What’s even more disturbing than even the photo is the report that K-Rod has a "history of violence." Frankie has allegedly had physical altercations with his girlfriend and her dad in the past; this, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

I must admit, I was tempted to make light of this ordeal; however, domestic violence is no laughing matter and I’m saddened to hear that Frankie would be involved in such things.

To be honest, I was never a big fan of Frankie and I often found it difficult to cheer for him. I never liked his over-the-top celebrations and his general attitude. Never-the-less, this is still extremely disappointing news.

Moving on...

In case you’re wondering, I’m still planning to recap more of the All-Star festivities which includes the parade, the Homerun Derby and the All-Star game itself. I have so many photos to sort through, it just takes time.

That’s it for an off day. Back to baseball tomorrow. Angels and the Blue Jays. Hope you’ll be out at the ball park wearing red!

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  1. James, I,m sad so see K-ROD lose his cool and end up in jail. Domestic violence or violence of any kind is not good. It's too bad that he did not leave his "Francine the Drama Queen" additude between the lines.