August 30, 2010

Worst team in baseball?

The Angels just might be the worst team in baseball. Oh sure, there are teams that have lost more games, but I think it would be hard to find another team playing as poorly as the Angels are right now.

It’s not just that the Angels are losing, but it’s the manner in which they’ve gone about losing games. They appear unfocused and uninspired. This is a team that falls behind early and stays behind. It’s as if someone ripped the heart out of the team and no one cares enough to get it back. In a word, this team has been gutless.

Am I venting again? You bet. Look, a lot of fans are in the venting mode right now and that’s a good thing. It beats the heck out of apathy and nothing is worse than an apathetic fan base. Those are the kinds of fans who stop caring and stop watching altogether.

Now if you want to vent there’s plenty of opportunity for that on the internet. Places like AngelsWin and Halos Heaven have message boards where fans can sound off, interact and discuss the Angels all they want. If you’re looking to voice your opinion on the sports talk circuit, my advice would be to avoid Angels talk with Jeff Biggs on AM 830.

Biggsy spends so much time trying to convince his audience that he’s not a “house man” and that he’s not “drinking the Koo-aid,” that he actually becomes the whole focus of his shows. Someone needs to tell Biggsy that it’s not about him.

Listening to Biggsy will just leave you even more frustrated than you already are because he’s going to give you Criticism Light – which isn’t very filling and certainly not satisfying either. His partner, Jason Brennan has been waiting and waiting for the Angels to go on a miraculous 15-4 run; and keeps pointing to this time period being the soft spot in the Angels schedule that could allow the Angels to go on a run.

I’ve got news for Brennan – the Angels are the soft spot in the schedule; not the other way around.

Enough about Biggs and Brennan.

As frustrated as I am about the Angels, I have to tell you that I’m writing this blog entry while on a plane to Seattle. Yes, watching the Angels get swept by the Orioles wasn’t enough punishment for me. I’ll be at the Angels/Mariners game tonight. As luck would have it; my work will put me in Seattle long enough for me to catch tonight’s game.

I don’t know what to expect. Ervin Santana is pitching and he hasn’t been the most consistent guy on the mound.

That guy has been very consistent; Jered Weaver, could be having one of the best seasons ever by an Angels starting pitcher if only his offense would show up.

More later… In the mean time, I'll be cheering for the Angels tonight at Safeco Field. It will be strange not having Cheryl with me. Oh and if the Angels lose again, you can blame me. The only game they won last week was the day game I couldn't go to. Go figure.

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