August 3, 2010

This changes everything

Today could be the start of something special. Angels prospect Peter Bourjos makes his major league debut in Baltimore. What’s the big deal? He’s getting a start in center field, moving Torii Hunter to right field.

Hunter applauds the move. From the LA Times: "All I want to do is win," said Hunter, who stressed that the decision to cede the position at which he has won nine Gold Gloves was his. "If this makes the team better, I'm going to do it. ... Sometimes you have to slap pride in the face."

This changes everything.

If Peter Bourjos shows any signs of being the player everyone believes he can be, he could find himself as the every day center fielder from this day on. Hunter in right field would also probably eliminate my desire to see Jayson Werth (or anyone else for that matter) there in 2011, but would add fuel to the idea that Carl Crawford could be signed to play left field in 2011.

Imagine that.

Crawford, Bourjos and Hunter. Sha-zam. That would be one heck of a defensive outfield. Fly ball pitchers like Jered Weaver and Dan Haren would be giddy. Heck, I’d be giddy. I'm already excited just thinking about the idea of it all.

Then again, we shouldn’t get ahead or ourselves, right?

Forget that notion! This is part of being a fan and we should let our imaginations get away from us once in a while.

Again, this day could be very significant. A lot will depend on Bourjos himself. I wish him well and applaud Hunter for being a team player and for validating (once again) why he’s my favorite baseball player, period.

Late addition:

Hunter's move to right field appears to be permanent per the Angels official web site.

BallHype: hype it up!

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