August 20, 2010

One out of ten never felt so good

I’m such a homer sometimes that it doesn’t take much to get me excited about the Angels. While it’s true I spend plenty of time ranting about this or that, my heart always wants to cheer instead of jeer. That’s just the way I roll.

Never mind losing the first nine encounters with Boston. Never mind being 7 games behind Texas. Forget all that because last night the Angels put together a solid game to win their last regular season game of 2010 against Boston.

Can I get a boo-ya? How about a simple Woot!?

There was something about last night’s win that was just so incredibly satisfying. Maybe it’s knowing that Torii Hunter and Bobby Abreu took it upon themselves to hold a closed door players-only meeting. After which, Hunter guaranteed us that we would see a different team.

I will admit I was a tad bit skeptical when I heard about the meeting. Hadn’t there been other closed-door meeting this year?

Well, what do you know? It worked. The Angels actually came out and chased Josh Beckett to the showers. Anytime that happens, it’s a beautiful thing. I don’t know what it is (actually I do), but for some reason (maybe because I think Beckett is just a jerk); I get a lot of pleasure in Beckett struggling.

I’m going to savor last night’s win. More than that, I kind of feel like it gives Angel fans bragging rights for the year over Boston. If you look at it like a Heavyweight Title Fight, my thought process makes a lot of sense. It’s all about the last time the two teams faced one another.

Feel free to use that one with any Red Sox fans you know. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of it.

Okay, so here we are with 40 games left in the season and the Angels trailing the Rangers by 7 games. The Rangers are trying to let the Angels back into the race by playing crappy baseball. It’s really nice of them to do this don’t you think? Now if the Angels would just capitalize on all this, we’d have something.

Quite a change in attitude I’m having, huh? I know what some of you are thinking… ol’ James is back on the bandwagon. If you’re thinking that, you would be wrong because I don’t hop on or off the wagon. I’m always pulling for my favorite team. It’s just that there are times when I’m not overly happy with them. It’s really that simple.

I’m not about to predict a miraculous come from behind rally to over take the Rangers. I’m just celebrating the moment.

This team still has glaring holes and it still has an uphill battle ahead. The Minnesota Twins are a dang fine baseball team and this three game series is going to be a battle for the Angels.

One game at a time. Bet you never heard that one before, right?

Look baseball is a whole lot more fun when your team is playing well and right now, I’m just hoping for just that. I don’t want to see them rolling over. If they’re going to go down, I want them to go down swinging. Let’s not make it easy for Texas.

Go Halos!

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