April 11, 2010

I could get used to this

Hideki Matsui is bigger than Sony and Toyota right now; at least in Anaheim; where he is winning over the Angels’ fan base one at bat at a time. What a monster of a week for the man affectionately nicknamed Godzilla.

This is big time fun. Matsui has brought a buzz to Southern California. There’s a new energy in the stadium when he comes to the plate. There’s a confidence in him that’s growing amongst the fans and he’s the one guy you want to be in your seat and watching when he comes to the plate to hit. He’s been better than one could have imagined and we’ve only seen him in just six games.

If this any indication of the kind of impact he’s going to have. We had better hang on because this is going to be one heck of a ride. If he keeps this up, they’ll rename the 55 Freeway, The Matsui Express.

Vladimir Guerrero may have been Superman, but Hideki Matsui is fast becoming a super hero in his own right. I can’t help but reflect on the differences between the two sluggers. Vlad is a free swinger and Matsui is the polar opposite; a patient hitter. In his final couple of seasons in Anaheim, Vlad’s production in clutch situations seemed to diminish greatly, as we saw a shell of the player that won the 2004 American League MVP award. Matsui may not make fans forget about Vlad, but he’s certainly eased the pain of those were upset when the Angels let Vlad walk.

I’ve heard the term “professional hitter” attached to players like Matt Stairs over the years, but if ever there was a true professional hitter; Matsui defines the roll perfectly. I love the fact that he absolutely kills lefties. His three biggest hits; the two homeruns and last night’s walk off single have all come against left-handers. Oakland may be regretting the fact that they intentionally walked Torii Hunter to get to Matsui.

I know one thing; the Angels certainly don’t regret signing him and the same goes for Angel fans; myself included. If you haven’t been out to the stadium to experience Matsuiland yet, you need to get there soon.

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