April 28, 2010

Play Ball!

Play Ball! Are there two sweeter words in all of sports to start a contest? “Play Ball!” ranks up there with “Gentlemen, start your engines” (Indianapolis 500) or “And away they go” (Horse Racing) or even “Let’s get ready to rumble” (Boxing) and if you’re a baseball fan – it probably ranks a little higher.

I received an email from our ticket representative Arthur (who is a great guy who does a great job of dealing with with my questions and complaints) asking me if we had any children who came with to the games that might be interested in an event for someone between the ages of 5 and 13. Our dear nephew Christopher (who is 13) got the call and after a few email exchanges and phone calls with Arthur; Christopher, Cheryl and I found ourselves on the field prior to the Angels/Indians game on Tuesday evening – April 27.

Now, Cheryl and I have stood on the field before for photo days and other like events, but never prior to the start of a major league game. I felt like a little kid during the time I was on the field. Christopher was making his first ever appearance on the field, and I’m sure it will be something he will remember for the rest of his life (as will Cheryl and I).

David Courtney (the public address announcer) introduced Christopher and then in a voice that seemed much deeper and bigger than typical 13 year olds – Christopher exclaimed “Play Ball!”

It was short and sweet, but make no mistake about it; it was cool. The players had just run on to the field and this game could not start until Christopher gave them the command. For that brief moment Christopher got to do something special; something few ever get a chance to do.

Christopher admitted he was a little nervous prior to stepping up to the microphone. Who wouldn’t be with more than 35,000 fans in attendance? Afterwards, he said, “I’ve heard of stage fright, but who ever heard of stadium fright?”

That being said; Christopher didn't show any fear when he made the announcement. He handled it like a professional. David Courtney better be looking over his shoulder; because his future replacement just made his debut! I’m just saying.

And then it was over, but the memories for all three of us will last forever.

Shortly after it was over; so was the game as the Angels appeared to not be listening to what Christopher had to say that night. They didn’t’ come to play. They tanked and were routed 9-2. They didn’t “play ball” - at least not the kind of baseball we’ve come to expect from the Angels.

Joe Saunders is doing his best to make me look bad. Good thing I’m not taking his performance personally; even though I’m constantly defending him against his critics. My argument/support isn’t holding much water thus far. Luckily for both of us, it’s still early in the season.

So come on Joe! Let’s get some swagger back and start taking care of business!

At least Brandon Wood is answering some of his critics in a big way. Wood had his second three hit game in a row and this one came with an exclamation point as he went yard for his first homerun of the 2010 season.

Get ready to see some more of that. Again, I’m just saying.

Here's a clip of Christopher announcing the start of the game:

Great job Christopher!

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Very cool! That's awesome for y'all!

  2. This is so awesome! Congrats!

  3. One of the best "play Ball!" calls I've heard all year. He sounded deeper in real life than on the video.
    Judy from section 417 (not the usher)