April 9, 2010

Is Steve Garvey a closet Angel fan?

Wednesday night, fans in Sections 514 and 515 got a little bit of a surprise when Steve Garvey was spotted sitting among those in the Upper View. Below is a video of Garvey leaving the game.

This begs some questions. Is Steve Garvey a closet Angel fan? Are times that tough that he has to sit just a few rows from the top of the stadium (not that I'm complaining about my seats!) or was he trying to fly under the radar as a newly minted Angels fan?

The video shows Garvey leaving during the 7th inning stretch (and that's 514 Fanatic Dori with her camera) in true Dodger fashion. Ah-hem, Mr. Garvey, if you're going to be an Angel fan, you're going to have to stay until the end of the game. And please, lose the white shirt and sweater and get your RED on! I'm just saying.

(The original post disappeared some how - and I've recreated it here).

Also: I received an annoymous comment (which blogger also lost) that read: "I was above him in 515. It looks like he took the Palm Desert High School baseball team to the game. He had a ton of high school kids with him and his wife."

BallHype: hype it up!

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