April 2, 2010

No fun allowed

File this one under the heading of “unbelievable.” Last night at the Angels/Padres exhibition game, two little 514 Fanatics named Josh and Jake were being exuberant like any good baseball fan should be. They were chanting “Let’s go Angels,” followed by the customary clap that goes along with it.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, the boys were a little relentless in their cheering. They only stopped between innings. Again, nothing wrong with that, right?

One wouldn’t think so, but apparently one fan sitting in the front row of our section got a little tired of it and actually complained to Jake and Josh’s dad. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or scream when this “fan” took it upon himself to try and squash the enthusiasm of two nine year old boys.

Not to fear, the good fans in our section came to Josh and Jake’s rescue as everyone decided to show “Mr. Front Row” a thing or two by joining in the “Let’s go Angels” chant. It was perfect.

The guy doing the complaining was wearing a Chone Figgins shirt which might explain his foul mood. Maybe he didn’t know that Figgins was now a Seattle Mariner. Maybe he was confused by the new third baseman wearing #3 on the field and had to take it out on someone. I’m just saying.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end here.

A little while later, the usher who “patrols” our section came up into the stand to also try and quiet the boys. Seriously, he also tried to stop the boys form cheering. I wish I was making this stuff up; however, it’s true sadly enough.

The usher (who shall remain nameless) was greeted with boos and once again, other fans decided to give the boys some support and joined in the chanting of "Let's go Angels!" Soon the whole section and other surrounding areas were playing along.

You have to wonder about the mind set of "Mr. Front Row" and the usher don’t you? If you can’t cheer at a baseball game, what’s the point in coming? It’s no wonder Angel fans get tagged with the reputation of not being passionate when they’re efforts to show a little team spirit are squashed.

It’s insane. Then again, it’s more than that; it’s simply stupid.

Isn’t that grass around the diamond part of a baseball field? Or do they now play golf in stadiums? Now, I know they play tennis on grass, but the last time I checked tennis players don't wear uniforms and the guys on the field were swinging bats and not tennis rackets.

I mean what are these people thinking? What about those times when the message boards around the stadium flash the words “Get Loud” or “Make Noise.” What about the little song that ends with fans yelling “Charge!”?

This is okay, but two nine year old boys cheering is not? The world has apparently gone mad. What’s next? No more rally monkey or thunder sticks? I’m envisioning a stadium full of people sipping tea with their pinkies extended. Hot dogs will be replaced with finger sandwiches and crumpets (whatever those are). Again, the world has gone mad.

I guess John Lackey was partially right about Angel stadium lacking passion. Only it’s not the fans that are lacking, it’s some of the people who work there.

Our usher got the big FAIL last night and we told him as much on our way out. I guess it’s still spring training for some people. Can there be any other explanation? In any case, some of the joy was sucked out of being at the game last night. My only hope is that this doesn’t end up being a trend.

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