April 9, 2010

A tip of the cap to the Twins

So... the Twins are pretty good. What else can you say when your favorite team just got out hit, out pitched and basically just out played in a four game series. I mean we knew that Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau were exceptional players, but when guys like Delmon Young and J.J. Hardy hit like Babe Ruth all you can do is tip your hat and say, nice job Minnesota.

I suppose I should thank the Twins for letting the Angels win the opening day game. I didn’t endure the off season just to experience a start like this, but what’s a fan to do?

And isn’t it a little too early in the season for a three game losing streak? I mean it’s not like the call-in shows and message boards don’t have enough to talk about with Brandon Wood’s slow start and the never-ending debate about who should start at catcher.

And another thing, the three game losing streak kind of takes away a thing or two. We won’t be able to say the Angels haven’t lost a series all year. Nope, scratch that one off the list. We also won’t be able to say, the Angels haven’t lost three games in a row all year. That too vanished into thin air.

Then again, had those things been future topics, the moment someone would have mentioned them the jinx would have been in again. I guess it’s better to get it out of the way now.

Going into last night the bull pen hadn’t surrendered a run in ten innings. Of course, that fact was mentioned on the radio prior to the game; guaranteeing the kiss of death that they would give up runs. Boy did they ever. I’m sorry, but every time I hear one of those statements, I’ve come to expect the worst. It’s kind of funny, but not necessarily funny ha-ha, if you catch my drift.

I’ve got to say this about the Twins; I actually like them. I don’t think they get nearly the respect they deserve. I’m a little tired of hearing about the small market genius of Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s, when it’s the Twins that have really done one of the better jobs as a small market team. I like their players, their manager Ron Gardenhire, and I love the way they play the game.

That being said, I’d probably even like them a little better if the Angels had at least split with them. I’m just saying.

So, the A’s roll into town next. Now, if you’ve spent any time reading this blog, you know I really hate the A’s. I won’t try to explain that again now, you can just check out my first ever post on this blog for the history.

Just know this; I’m expecting the Angels to put a little beat down on the team from Oak-town over the weekend. Anything less will be a huge disappointment.

I say let’s squash any hopes the A’s might have as soon as possible.

Remember Nick

On a serious note; it’s been one year since the tragic death of Nick Adenhart. I don’t think there’s been a game at Angel Stadium where I didn’t think about Nick since his passing. The memorial outside the main gate is gone and so is his picture from the center field wall; however, his memory lives on.

It’s hard to not think about what might have been on so many levels. I imagine tonight may be a little emotional.

Tonight Adenhart’s memory will live on in the presentation of the inaugural Nick Adenhart Award which will be presented to Jered Weaver, who is being recognized as last season’s most outstanding pitcher within the Angels organization. Weaver is a fitting recipient on so many levels.

Lyle Spencer of mlb.com – writes about the pain of Adenhart’s loss in his column. I was struck by a comment from Bobby Wilson in the column. Wilson said, “Nick had so much ahead of him. I would have taken his place in a heartbeat."

There are so many stories; heart warming stories about the impact Nick’s passing had on people. Here’s one that’s sure to bring a tear to your eye, courtesy of Angelswin.com.

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