October 25, 2009

Great Expectations

And so the waiting continues. I don’t like it much, but like so many things in life, it’s one more thing that’s out of my control. The game won’t get here soon enough, but at least we have a game.

Even though the rain thing was a bummer, there is a silver lining. When this series goes to 7 games, John Lackey could get the call on three days rest. Mike Scioscia probably isn’t thinking that far ahead, but I can. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be perfectly fine with Weaver getting the nod. Either way, the Angels will have a true competitor on the mound.

I want this in the worst way. I know there are more important things going on in the world today and yet winning still matters. The Angels stand for something. They’re about teamwork and a group of guys who are like a family, who have had to deal with real life issues and all the things that go with that. They're out to complete a goal and have remained focused on that goal, despite adversity, despite life itself.

We don’t know how the story will unfold today. We don’t know who might become a hero. We could end up talking about tonight’s game for years to come or we could end up wanting to forget about it. The anticipation is tremendous.

What is it about us fans that make us want to beat the Yankees so much? For me, it’s about making sure a self-centered turd like Alex Rodriguez never gets to experience what it means to be a champion. It’s about the stereotypical, arrogant Yankee fan who think that when his/her team wins, it some how makes them better than anyone else. It’s because when I look at the Yankees I see a team that plays without honor. I see mercenaries that are hired to complete a task and are there because they are receiving top dollar for their services. It’s about an organization that has tried to find a short cut to a title by simply buying whoever they want. It’s about an organization that thinks they’re bigger than the game itself.

The Yankees need to be knocked out in the worst way and the Angels are just the team to do it. I believe they’re up to the challenge. The stage is set for an incredible show. It couldn’t be more dramatic.

The media loves the Yankees, but we know the Angels are actually the better story. I want the Yankees to be irrelevant, a mere footnote in the 2009 season. The Angels are a team that is all about hope. They're all about getting up every time someone knocks them down. Sometimes they lift each other up, sometimes it's us fans that give them an emotional lift by being loud at games. This season they've found a multitude of ways to keep pushing forward.

Vic, a 514 Fanatic recently ran into a down trodden Rex Hudler after an Angels loss and told him “Angels shine brightest when it’s darkest.” Rex said, “I like that.” I do too.

Hollywood couldn’t write a better script. They’d never cast this group of players into their real-life roles.

Let’s expect the incredible and believe in miraculous. Let's Go Angels.

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