October 25, 2009

Life isn't always fair

It wasn’t supposed to end this way, but sometimes life just isn’t fair. Sometimes in real life, the good guys don’t win. Sometimes good people have bad things happen to them and in the worse case scenario a young man, full of promise loses his life through no fault of his own. Unfortunately, that’s life.

The Yankees are going to the World Series and the Angels aren’t. The Yankees simply played better baseball than the Angels and even Mike Scioscia acknowledged that.

Losing hurts. It sucks to no end and when the sting of a loss is still fresh it’s hard to focus on anything other than the pain. There’s no sense in pointing fingers or casting blame because none of that changes anything and quite frankly it doesn’t make me feel any better.

This team overcame horrific circumstances to make a run at a title. The fact that they came as far as they did is a testament to their courage and their determination. It’s hard to do anything with a heavy heart, let alone compete on the biggest stage in the world. I am proud of the Angels and for the manner in which they conducted themselves all year long.

I have no idea what the future holds and I don’t even really want to think about it right now. All I know is another season has ended. The hours, days and months have all suddenly come to an abrupt halt. Our hearts are broken and we are extremely disappointed, but come spring, we’ll risk everything once again and take the plunge back into another season of tears and cheers that is better known as major league baseball.

Cheryl and I want to thank the 514 Fanatics who remained positive and hopeful throughout the season. You know who you are. We cherish your friendships and loved sharing the adventure that is baseball with each of you. We can’t wait to be with all of the Fanatics again in 2010.

To those of you who have taken the time to read this blog, thank you for humoring me and for reading about the ramblings of this die hard Angels fan. Some of you have had kind words to say and I sincerely appreciate your sentiments. In case you’re wondering, I will continue to blog in the off season because I still have much to say. It just won’t be nearly as often.

Although I am extremely disappointed, I find comfort is knowing that God is good. I was reminded today by Roger Beard, who is the retired pastor of Parkcrest Christian Church that each of us is a masterpiece, created by God. Yes, even Alex Rodriguez. I know God wants me to love even those who wear the pinstripes. That’s a lot to ask of me right now, and the best I can do is to tip my cap to them. I’m sorry, that’s as good as I can do today, but I promise to work on doing all that He commands in the days to come. Thankfully, God is always patient with me.

You know, today wasn’t the worst day in my life and in some ways it was a terrific day. Roger retired from Parkcrest last year and Cheryl and I have missed him tremendously. Today he was invited back to Parkcrest to teach, just like he used to. It was great to see him again and no matter what else happened today, I knew this day couldn’t be all bad.

This whole entire week has been one big adventure. It started with a terrific win for the Angels on Monday and an even more amazing rollercoaster of a win on Thursday. Sandwiched in between was a humbling loss, oh so painful to watch. On Friday I had to say a few words about the passing of a colleague. I could barely make it through that one. I then followed that up by accepting a service award for a professional organization I belong to. Minutes before all of that, Cheryl had a flat that ended up shredding the tire of our car on the way to the luncheon where I would be speaking; thankfully, she arrived safely and just in time. You could say my emotions have been through the ringer this week. I’m exhausted both mentally and physically.

It’s time to get back to work and to life away from baseball. Spring will be here before we know it and I can’t wait.

In closing today’s blog, I want to tip my hat once again to the Yankees – you earned your way to the World Series. That being said, I really want to wish the Phillies the best of luck. Go Philly!

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