October 27, 2009

Random and not so random thoughts...

So… Vladimir Guerrero was actually quoted in the news media after the ALCS. How often does that happen (more on this in an upcoming blog)? According to Vlad, he wants to stay in Anaheim because his mom is very comfortable there. It’s too bad Mark Teixeira’s wife didn’t hang out with Vlad’s mom. Things might have turned out differently. I’m really not bitter… I’m just saying.

Speaking of women who wear the pants in their relationships, I have to ask; if Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson get married, will A-Rod change his name to Alex Hudson? I’m just asking. This would be his chance to ditch the whole A-Roid moniker, right? A-Hud anyone? If anyone needs a persona-make-over, it’s A-Fraud.

Then again, maybe it would be easier if Kate Hudson married either Orlando Hudson or Tim Hudson. Then no one would have to change their name. Or maybe she’d like to become Kate Hudson-Hudson. Hmmm. Wait, I’m not done. How about Kate Hudson marrying ex-Angel Mickey Rivers? She could change her name to Kate Hudson-River(s). Or how about Kate and Jason Bay… How does Kate Hudson-Bay sound? Before anyone tells me to go jump in a lake; relax, I’m done (but this might be a blog for the off season).

I know I’m late on this, but I have to comment on the whole “Shower Gate” with Manny Ramirez. I know some people were all over him for not staying in the dugout with his teammates and instead heading off for an early shower. Perhaps those folks were being a little harsh. Now, I don’t know for sure, but perhaps it was time for him to wash his hair. Can you imagine how long that would take? Can you really blame him for heading to the showers early? After all, that’s just Manny being all about Manny. Oh wait… that’s not how the saying goes now, is it? Perhaps the whole Mannywood campaign should be changed to Manny Would Not (as in NOT stand by his team).

About those Dodgers; word on the street is that the real reason the McCourts are divorcing is because Jamie would have rather had Juan Pierre in left field over Manny. Maybe she has a point. Should Dodger fans be hoping she’s the one who takes control of the team? Again, I’m just asking. On the other hand, this could be a ploy to expand the Dodger brand by getting extra media coverage on outlets like TMZ. This is better than any reality TV show out there. The McPeople’s McCourt anyone? Somebody get Judge Judy on the line. It appears the Dodgers ad campaign “This is my town” is about to be changed to “This is my team.”

Speaking of nasty relationships, I’d just like to state for the record ESPN fired Steve Phillips a year too late. Not only is he a scum bag for having an affair with a member of his staff, but he should have been fired last year when he picked the Seattle Mariners to win the American League West. Yes, the same Mariners who ended up losing 101 games in 2008. The guy clearly hasn’t got a clue.

By the way, I’m really tired of the Angels losing to teams who have players named A.J. on their roster. First there was A.J. Pierzynski of the White Sox in 2005. This year there was A.J. Burnett. If some team signs A.J. Foyt next year, I’m not watching and if the Angels end up playing the Diamondbacks in the World Series; beware, A.J. Hinch is their manager.

On a serious note, I have to wonder… if you are a Cleveland Indians fan, what are you going to be feeling when Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia face off in game one of the World Series (for those who might not know, both played in Cleveland a short time ago)? I feel for you Indian fans and that’s no joke.

One last thing, Michael Becker who writes a blog for the Press Enterprise breaks the news that Gary Matthews, Jr. won’t be back in 2010. Becker reports that Matthews will either be traded or released from his contract. We wish GMJ well.

Good luck Gary!

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