October 17, 2009

Let's Go Joe!

I woke up this morning with an old Don Henley tune in my head. I will not go quietly, I will not lie down...I felt like it was some sort of battle cry going off in my head.

Last night I went to bed feeling confident about today and I was very much at peace. When I woke up today, it was as if I was ready for a fight. I know the Angels are going to win tonight and I can’t wait to see it happen.

I also woke up feeling like I had to make another effort to convince other Angel fans out there to have the same kind of confidence that Cheryl and I have in Joe.

Joe is unsung, but Joe is good. Darn good. He was the opening day starter who put this team on the right track with a victory. He battled through injury and ended the regular season for the Angels, just as he began it – beating the hated A’s.

Do you remember the game in 2007 when Joe took the mound wearing a Hokie cap from his alma mater Virginia Tech.? It was a game that came after the shootings on the campus that left 32 people dead. Joe carried the weight of what he called “the Hokie Nation” on his shoulders that night and he did not disappoint. He pitched six scoreless innings and the Angels beat the Mariners 8-4. Not only did they win that game, but the Angels ended a six game losing streak. Didn’t you feel in your gut that Joe was going to win that game? I know I did. It’s like that for me today.

Joe Saunders is an outstanding pitcher, but no matter what he does, he seems to continue to fly under the radar. When Scott Kazmir arrived in Anaheim he was everyone’s new favorite flavor. Heck, even the Angels team store started selling Kazmir t-shirts within a week of his arrival. It wasn’t until this year (and Joe made his debut in 2005) that Joe got his own t-shirt in the team store. I know. Cheryl and I made it known to anyone in the Angels organization who would listen.

Every time Joe steps up and wins a big game, I feel like standing on a soap box and screaming…”THAT’s what I’m talking about. This dude can pitch!” Do you hear me out there? I’m serious.

Joe’s the guy whose name always comes up in trade talks. That always makes me want to puke. Joe’s the guy everyone forgets about when they’re talking about how good the Angels rotation is. Well, it’s time to change that. It’s time for Angel fans to stand up and get behind #51.

No matter what happens. I won’t keep quiet about Joe Saunders. I will NOT go quietly, I will NOT lie down.

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