October 18, 2009

Reign Predicted for Anaheim

Sometimes the toughest part about being a fan is knowing you have no control over what happens on the field. That doesn’t necessarily stop one from trying though.

Last night a small contingent of 514 Fanatics, along with other Angel fans gathered at the Beach Pit BBQ in Tustin to cheer on the Angels. We came armed with rally monkeys and rally caps. We did our best to try to “influence” the game as best we could, but at the end of the day the Angels still fell to the Yankees 4-3 in thirteen intense innings.

So here I am and it’s the morning after. I was so sure the Angels would even the series and yet it just didn’t happen. What to do?

I tend to focus on the positive and for me the positives were another outstanding pitching performance by Joe Saunders, a solid two innings from Kevin Jepsen, and knowing the Angels still have more baseball to play in October. Hopefully, a lot more baseball

This series isn’t over yet. The script is still being written and I continue to believe it will have one heck of a happy ending.

So far the meteorologists have been wrong and the pundits have been right. So far. I’m still betting that the baseball experts will ultimately fail. In the mean time, I’m sure we’ll get to hear all about how the Angels can’t possibly come back. They’ll probably glaze over Captain Clutch’s errors in the field and speak glowingly about how A-Fraud has stepped up big. They’ll expound about how Andy Pettite is supposedly a big game pitcher. I’m sure it’s something he learned from Roger Clemens, among “other” things.

How about calling out the Yankee fans that couldn’t fill up their own stadium? How about the Yankee players dressing up as if they were going to compete in the Iditarod? I had visions of Yankee players rounding the bases on dog sleds.

This Yankee team ain’t so tough and their fan base isn’t as passionate as they claim. By the time the 13th inning rolled around – the stadium had transformed itself into Oakland. It was as empty as Joba Chamberlain’s liquor cabinet after a hard night of partying.

Yeah, I’m taking some shots. That’s another thing we fans do.

While I will give a quick tip of the hat to the team that is up 2-0, I will not concede a thing. As I stated in my last post, I will not go quietly, I will not lie down. More importantly, neither will my Angels.

Last, but not least - I have a weather forecast for Anaheim. There’s a red storm coming. Brace yourself for a Red Reign.

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